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Today In My Life

I totally stole this from Aron- I love these types of posts!  (Although they do remind me of my MySpace days- haha.)

Outside my window … it is a most beautiful sunny day!

I am hearing … kids, phones, kids, bells, doors, teachers, kids, bells, bells, kids, bells, phones, doors, bells and kids!  All. Day. Long.

I am thinking … that I have been awfully lucky this year to travel to so many awesome places!

I am thankful … for the opportunities I have in life.

I am reading … nothing at this moment.  Taking a break from NJASK data and report card stuff.

I am hoping and praying … that things stay as good as they have been.

I am wearing … brown knee-length skirt, white flowy shirt and brown open-toe sandals

I am creating … spreadsheets for NJASK data.  (This is why I needed a break!)

From the kitchen … I smell pizza and hear the kids in lunch.

Around the house … I do pretty much ALL the cleaning.  Yes, I have a roommate.

Plans for the rest of the week … Iron Hill for dinner tonight, working at the BFG, PIFA night in Philly and a relaxing Sunday brunch with one of my favorites.

A Picture to share


Wildwood- early 90’s…Sumo Wrestling w/a dude who looked like Eddie Murphy

11 thoughts on “Today In My Life

  1. Don’t you love beautiful days when you can wear open-toed shoes?
    I can relate to doing pretty much all the house cleaning! I had a similar situation in my former apartment. Now that I have my own house I continue to do pretty much all the cleaning but Joey has been helping a good bit. I’m hoping he continues once he moves in with me in a few months.

  2. That picture is great, it brought a big smile on my face!

    I do all the cleaning too at our house and lately I hate it a lot. But I’m too cheap to take a cleaning lady. So I keep complaining about it to the hub 🙂

  3. Better than no one doing any cleaning like my house… Haha. These are always cheesy, but I looove them as you know.

    Your smile is the same since the rockin era of 1990.

  4. That is such a cool picture.
    But even cooler are your sounds of the day. Hopefully you don’t hear them. In. Your. Sleep.

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