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T-Minus One Month…

…Until my first tri of the season!!!  Ok, ok…that is an exaggeration since I am only the swimmer.  But, I am so excited to have the tri-season begin.  While this year is completely run focused for me, I do have two full tri’s and a few relay’s on the schedule.  And more than just the racing, once tri season begins I see all my teammates a lot more 🙂 Because of my work schedule, I don’t get to train with them much anymore and I have been missing them like crazy!!!!

I have been working really hard on my swimming these past few weeks because I am back with a vengance against this swim!  Last year I also did the swim portion of the relay for this tri and it was a small distaster.  It was freezing, raining and I threw up in the water.  Yeah, that wasn’t so much fun!  My time was downright embarassing and I was not happy with the performance.  This year though…I got this!  Black Bear beware 🙂

In addition to swimming, my spring training in general has been going really well.  I am slowly (very slowly) building up my run mileage.  I am rolling, icing, stretching, repeating my way through recovering from each run.  So far, so good.  I have been using the Elliptical more and more (and I am actually, dare I say, starting to like it?!?!) and I think that it really helping me with my running.  Other than pilates when I get the chance, the Elliptical is my sole cross-training outside of swimming and biking.  Which I suppose adds up to a lot of cross-training when I think about it! 

I am both impressed with and proud of myself for sticking to my workout schedule as well as I have while holding down two jobs and making time for family, friends and R2.  I have been steadily getting to the gym (or running outside 🙂 ) 4-5 days a week.  My preference would be to work out 5 days a week, every week.  Sometimes though, two-a-days are necessary to free up the time during the rest of the week.  In fact, next week, I have three two-a-days planned!  Crazy girl?  Yes, yes I am!  But the hard work and serious dedication is paying off in a major way.  Not only do I feel great physically but I look great too.  I don’t think, in my life, I have ever looked at myself and felt like I looked this good.  It almost feels concieted to say such a thing.  But I am really just proud of myself.  I still have flaws (and I point them out to myself often) but for once, I actually feel like I am ready for bathing suit season!

This next month is going to be crazy busy (ok, what month hasn’t been??)!  I have quite a bit planned in May, including the wedding of a good friend of mine and a long weekend trip to Lancaster for R2’s birthday.  On top of birthday parties, graduations, a few 5K’s and Memorial Day festivities, I have a feeling May is going to fly by!

12 thoughts on “T-Minus One Month…

  1. Jill – so great to hear you are back and really nailing your workouts – the think I notice more than anything in your post is not so much the increased activity (which is huge) – but your excitement!

    So great to see this, I think you are going to have an amazing spring and summer. Congrats on finding that mojo – you rock.

  2. Woot!!!! So excited to see what you do this season chica! Great job sticking with the training amidst your crazy busy life! Your FB updates always have me shaking my head wondering how you do it all!!!

  3. WordPress does not want me to leave a comment today. 😦 Third attempt… I can sense your excitement and it is contagious! I don’t have any races coming up but I’m excited for yours! 🙂 And I’m excited to begin some marathon training soon.

  4. YEA!! sounds like you’re kicking butt lately and definitely back in the groove. i’m nervous, anxious, excited, and everything else about tri season. no idea what to expect!!!

  5. So darn proud of you girl! Yayy for tri season starting! I wish I could swim like you 😉 You amaze me with all that you have going one! And you’re right, it’s amazing how good you feel about yourself when you are actually hitting all your workouts – I live for that! Keep up the good work chcia – I just know this is going to be a great summer and season for you 😉

  6. So exciting for your first tri of the season too!

    You are really going great with your workouts, big compliment for you. I’m starting with 2 workouts a day too next week because I want to have to days off during the week. So it will be running in the morning and weights in the afternoon/evening.

    You’ve got a lot of fun plans for May, enjoy them all.

  7. For some reason all of your comments have been going to my span folder!!! I am so sorry! I just noticed a whole bunch of them!

    Good luck with training and so exciting your first race is coming up!

  8. I’m glad to hear that your training is going so well! It sounds like you will be more than ready for that swim and all of your tris. I’m also impressed by all of the doubles on your schedule. I know I should try to start fitting some in, but I seem to be lacking the motivation right now.

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