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A HUGE Surprise For Me, A Wedding & Lots Of Photos

If you read my last post, you would know that this past weekend I was attending a surprise party for a friend on Friday and a wedding Saturday.  Well…the surprise party…was for me!!

I am honestly still in shock.  Stunned, even.  My actual 30th birthday is not until July 9, so even though I had an idea that something was being planned…never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be in May.  As many people noted…if I had thought it was for me, I would not have worn pants!!!!

Luckily my mom knows me too well and knows that I would want to wear a dress.  She snuck in my house, and my closet, the night before and took a few dresses.  Whew! 🙂

My cousin Megan did the honor of holding my dresses.

Picking the dress!

The whole night was overwhelming and is still a blur!  Thank goodness for photos!  Here are a few of my favorite ones.

The surprise:

My mom pulled it off!!!

Tiara time!

Things to see:

The party favors, my sign and the guestbook which was a scrapbook of photos.

I am a HUGE Phillies fan; my Uncle made these signs!

The cake my friend Danielle made


Friends and Family:

Love this one of Mom and me

Bestie Sarah

Best friend foreva and eva Jessica and my momma

My friend Danielle- I thought it was her party!

Some of my family (and me, after some wine!)

Having fun with work friends!

TT kids!

And of course, R2:

First time dancing 🙂

By the time we got home and had everything in the house on Friday night it was well after 1am.  We had an early wake up call Saturday because my good friend Kristen was getting married!  Her wedding was about 2 hours away in North Jersey with the reception about another 30 minutes north of there.  We went right from my house to R2’s, got ready and packed our bags and headed on our way.  The wedding was beautiful- gorgeous church and gorgeous bride!  The reception was an absolute blast.  The cocktail hour was full of amazing food and into the reception we danced and danced and danced!  Ok…and drank and drank and drank!  It was another super late, but really fun time!

Kristen and Joe

The TT kids

Love these girls!

My favorite photo of R2 and I, thus far.

Overall, it was pretty much the best weekend ever.  Sunday night, after returned from North Jersey, my parents met R2 at my house and we opened gifts.  I am a very lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in my life.  And I feel lucky to have all of you to share this with through the amazing blog world!

23 thoughts on “A HUGE Surprise For Me, A Wedding & Lots Of Photos

  1. Wow! That looks like quite a surprise party. Glad you enjoyed it! (I am not a fan of surprise parties.) I am very impressed they knew you would want a dress and brought some for you. You looked great.

  2. OMGOSH BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! Seriously LOVE how they did that with you thinking it was for someone else! Tricky 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sounds like such an amazing weekend! You deserve it girlie!

  3. What an awesome surprise! That’s so cool! The pictures are great, you seriously look so happy! Happy early birthday… and I hope you celebrate it all over again next month and the month after!

  4. How great is that?!
    Could there be a funnier pic than the You After Some Wine? Ha!

    Very cool family and friends, now you can celebrate 3-0 for like 2 more months, enjoy it!

  5. You have amazing family and friends!! Myself included of course. I’m sorry I wasn’t there but I also wasn’t invited… 😉

    The only thing mom could have done Different is buy you new dresses to pick from! Lol.

    For real – the favors and food – all looks amazing. They spared nothing for you and you deserve that!

    R2 is a hottie… (don’t worry I’m married)

    Love you pie!

  6. How fun!!! YOu look killer HOT in that dress by the way! Rocking those legs lady!!love it and in the spirit of early wishes…happy way early birthday!!

  7. Great weekend for you 🙂 Thought of you on Sunday when I passed a sign during my race that said “Finishing is Winning.” Glad you had a good party!

    PS….R2 is super cute!

  8. Looks like a fantastic surprise party!! I’m not exactly sure how I’d handle a surprise party for me, but it looks like you had a great time (and you must have a wonderful mother who knows what you’d want to wear, and thinks enough to pick it up ahead of time!)

  9. What an absolutely great surprise for you and so well deserved.
    Allthough we never met in person, from reading your blog I know you’re an amazing, fantastic wonder and I’m not surprised your family and friends did this for you.

  10. What an awesome surprise (and weekend!). And I love that your mom brought dresses for you to change in to. That is just too cool. Last year my husband surprised me by inviting my best friend on my birthday trip and it was such a shock!

    Love all the photos!

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