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Hi. I’m Back.

I won’t lie, I have enjoyed my time away from blogging.  But man oh man have I missed you all!

Quick notes:

  • There is no way for me to catch up on my Reader.  700+ posts and they just keep coming!  I will scan through for ones that looks extra special (ie: have fun titles!) but for the most part, I just need to wipe the slate clean.
  • I have to scale down the blogs I read.  I have said it before, but I honestly do not know how some of you keep up with your readers (and for some of you…your readers, fan pages, twitters and etc) but I cannot.  I get too easily overwhelmed and the truth is, I am reading way too many blogs wherein there really is no personal connection.  That’s just life.
  • I feel like in the last few months this blog has lost some of its quality.  I was posting at times when I didn’t want to just for the sake of posting.  That ends now.  Quality posts only even if it means I am not posting as much.

And a few notes about what you have missed:

  • Last weekened I raced back to back and had a stellar performance!  There will be a post about that coming up next!
  • My work situation has sadly not changed much.  Fortunately, what has changed is the most important thing: I finally told my Superintendent that I was looking for a new job.  Having shared my intentions, I am now able to look without fear of being sneaky.  Due to this craptastic economy, I am not having much luck but I am also not willing to give up.  I have made the first move to improve my life (and sanity) and now there is no stopping me.  I deserve to live happy and spending 8hours a day feeling like crap, is not making me happy.
  • I have some family stuff going on and could use any prayers or good thoughts you could send my way.  As always, much appreciated!
  • My marathon training officially begins in one month.  My training in general took a hit this past week but in general it has been going pretty well. 
  • As always, things in my life are super busy.  Tomorrow I am in NYC with my mom to see Chicago on Broadway.  It was my birthday gift to her and I am super excited! 
  • Sunday, I am going to see NKOTB and BSB with some work girls.  Try not to be too jealous 🙂  Seriously though, I am super excited!!!

What is going on in your life?  Tell me if I missed anything really good (or bad) so I can feel like I back in the loop!!!!


17 thoughts on “Hi. I’m Back.

  1. I’m glad you are searching for a new job! You always sound so miserable when you talk about your current one. I hope you find something soon that is better and more fulfilling!
    I’ll be sending prayers for your family stuff. Hope everything is ok.

    • It’s really a shame. I loved my job for a long time but it changed a lot. I try not to take it home with me or let it affect me in my life outside of work, but it really was just time to move on. Hopefully the opportunity will come sooner, than later. Thanks for the support Kandi!

  2. Hope your family related stuff gets sorted soon. Those are always stressful. Sending you good vibes on that and on the job front as well. Have fun with your mom! sounds like a great time

  3. So glad to see you here. sometimes a break is exactly what we need. I’ll keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. GL with the job search…I’m still looking. I hope you have better luck than I have had. And anything big with me? I’m doing a marathon this fall. Gah!

  4. I’m glad you’re looking to make changes with work. You’re so right, it’s not worth being miserable day in and day out. Most people just stick w/ it and complain, though. I’m glad you’re fighting for your happiness, and it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    hope everything is ok at home.

  5. Welcome back! 🙂

    Good luck with the job search and all the family stuff. I’m sure that neither are easy. Hopefully you’ll have some positive results soon. I’m glad to hear that you had a great race and are starting marathon training soon! I just did my first tri and am also starting to train for Philly sometime soon (need to figure out a schedule first…).

  6. I am jealous you’re seeing NKOTB and BSB… just cause it sounds fun!

    I’m glad you’re back on the blog. Do what you need to do with your posting, your reader, etc. You deserve to make this enjoyable for YOU!

    My thoughts are with you for job/family things. Take care of yourself!

  7. grab somebody sexy and tell him hey, we’re moving to south carolina.

    that was a song reference, not me hitting on your boyfriend.

    but seriously. move to SC. i find you job. (not sure why i have this thing with improper english lately)

  8. Glad to read something from you. I sure hope you’re not going to pass my blog.
    I divided mine in 2: the ones I read daily and the ones I read when I have time. When I find a new blog that I like but they still haven’t took the time to visit mine after a while I just throw them out of my reader. I gave up Facebook so I don’t have to spend time looking there. I’m on Twitter but mostly read it, don’t write much myself.

    Have fun at Chicago, seen it twice here in Holland and love it. Sure you will too.

    I’m doing okay. My half marathon training started this week. We’re having three weeks of vacation that started yesterday and I have a tendinitis on my elbow which is not that good. Glad that I have a vacation and can give it a rest.

    Hope that you will be back at regularly blogging because I missed you.

  9. Thoughs and prayers for you and your family…I hope all is resolved soon. I have been dealing with a lot of personal garbage for awhile now…it’s starting to swallow me up!

    I so rarely get on FB b/c it consumes me and I can’t filter though it all…some days I think I want a Twitter account but I fear I’d go manic.

    Big hugs to you, girl….hope the job market picks up for both you and me!!


  10. Hope your family is okay. Have fun with your mom. I saw Chicago on Broadway. Fun show.
    I am prob.showing my age but I don’t know what all the initials in the last bullet stand for so I don’t know if I am jealous or not.

  11. Blog breaks can be a good thing b/c you gain some distance and come back better. And family always comes first. (I too wonder how some of these people can keep up with posting so many comments!)

  12. Thinking good thoughts about your job and family!

    And seriously, I can only keep up on reading blogs because of my long a$$ commute. If I ever stop this long commute (please please please) I will have to cut back. 🙂

    Have you posted your full training plan? I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

    Nothing new with me. Just did a 197 mile relay. Not signed up for any races until my fall marathon. Looking forward to not racing and focusing on being healthy. 🙂

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