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Updates, Updates, Updates…I’m BACK!!!!!!

Anyone still here…anyone?? Anyone??

It has been almost a full month since I have written!  So much to get caught up on!

Unless you are on my Facebook (and if you aren’t, why not?) you might have thought I died. Or was kidnapped. Or that I hate blogging.  Don’t believe the rumors- none of the above are true.  The truth is, I was so overwhelmingly busy that I could not sit long enough to finish a post.  But now things are calmed down a little and I am ready to give you the updates.  And there are some major updates!

  1. I turned 30- That’s right folks, I am officially in the 30 club!  And honestly, I feel great!  I am so happy to be out of my 20’s I cannot even tell you!  Plus, turning 30 has been so much fun…I had a surprise party back in May and then over my birthday weekend I went to Boilermaker to celebrate with 9.3 miles with two of my closest friends.  Last weekend topped off the birthday festivities with a trip to Baltimore with R2.  We stayed Friday-Sunday and had so much fun.  Yeah…hello 30, I think I love you!
  2. I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!- I did it!  I finally left my old school and got a new job!  This is the best news and best thing to happen to me in a long time.  I feel emotionally more stable and so much less stressed out.  I have been sleeping through the night again, not freaking out over dumb stuff and can enjoy my weekends more because I am not thinking about work.  I feel like my prayers have been answered!  I start in two weeks and I cannot wait!!!!!!
  3. I am still racing- Since I last wrote I raced the Boilermaker, Splash and Dash and NJ State Triathlon.  See below for race reports- they were all good ones!
  4. R2 and I are still amazing- I am not the mushy mushy type and I certainly dont talk much about my relationship publicly, but seriously…how lucky am I to have such a great guy.  R2 has been there for me every step of the way while I searched for a new job and is ridiculously supportive of my racing.  We have so much fun, we are almost always laughing and we genuinely like each other so much.  It has been a great six months!
  5. Marathon Training is underway- That’s right…the official training has begun.  I don’t want to rush summer or wish time away,  but I will be glad when the race itself is finally here.  This training is daunting!!!  I have to be honest, I don’t see myself ever doing a second marathon!

Three Race Reports!

     Splash and Dash- Splash and Dash is a local swim/run race held in memory of a local boy who was killed in a car accident.  It is held at night and super fun.  I had a pretty good swim and used the run as a training run so it was so-so.  I was happy with it overall and can’t wait to do this race again!

     Boilermaker 15K- Hello automatic PR 🙂  This race totally lives up to its hype.  While I wanted to kill myself up the first 3.5 miles of hill that seemed endless (hi, I train in SJ!!) I love love loved all the course support.  I am not even kidding, there was support every single step of the race!  People everywhere- more music than anything 1/2 marathon I ever raced and water/aid stations everywhere!  I went into this race with some shin pain and random back pain so I wasn’t sure what to expect out of myself; in the end, I was really happy with my time.  15K- 1:48:23.  Slow, steady and recovered well from it- stuck with the plan and it worked!

     NJ State- This race was last weekend…you know, in the 92387 degree heat.  Which honestly, was still better than last years weather.  This was my first full tri this year- up to this point I had been doing only relays.  I went in thinking I would see how I felt and take it from there.  Listen- I KILLED the swim.  As in…20th out of 103 in my age group and 375th out of 1362 overall.  KILLED THE SWIM.  I felt like superwoman coming out of the water and was rearing to go!  I zoomed in and out of transition and started the bike.  Ugh…the bike.  My disdain for the bike runs deep and my goal was to do the same or better than last year, although my lack of bike training had me thinking I might not make it.  However, I did…beat my time last year by a few seconds 🙂  Hey, I’ll take it!  Once again, I zoomed in and out of transition and was ready to run.  I should clairfy…I was ready…my legs, notsomuch!  Took me a solid mile to get my legs back, but I knew I was doing so well overall that I kept pushing and smiling.  I crossed the line with a THREE MINUTE PR.  And I couldn’t have been happier!!!

What’s next?

Racing- This weekend I have Belmar tri, one of my favorites.  After that, my concentration is really on running.  Getting through this marathon training without injury and feeling good and confident.  I have a few 5k’s in August where I hope to work on my speed and then the WildWood half-marathon at the end of the month.  The WildWood half is going to be a good indicator of where I stand in my training.  They will have pacers and I plan to use one; my hope is I can keep the pace for 13.1 and reach a solid PR, which will give me confidence for the full marathon.  In September, I am running the Jersey-Liberty Half Marathon.  This is purely a training run with no PR expectations.  In Oct, I am running the LBI 18-miler (falls right into my schedule perfectly) and then November is the marathon!!!!

Life- I have a little over a week of in between jobs ending and beginning and then I start the new school year.  I am not the least bit sad to leave my current job (although I will miss most of the people, most families and the students) but I am scared/nervous/excited for the new job!  In September I will be heading downtheshore for my yearly, much anticipated, vacation.  Other than that, I am just feeling really blessed right now in my life.  Lucky, and blessed.


You know I wouldn’t leave you without photos!!!  Here’s a hodgepodge of race photos from the S&D and NJ State…

PS-It goes without saying that my Reader was out of control, so I deleted everything and I am starting over today.  Please update me on anything awesome I may have missed!

16 thoughts on “Updates, Updates, Updates…I’m BACK!!!!!!

  1. Jill, you have such a good race scheduled tucked into marathon training!
    You might be dissing Marathon #2, but we know how you feel about PRs!

    Great job in your races, maybe less training is more? That’s definitely how it works for some people.

    Keep working hard and then enjoy that well-deserved beach vacation!

  2. Sounds like a great month! Thanks for the cliff notes update. My life is boring so you didn’t miss much. Vacay at the beach and fair this week are highlights. As for running, everyday (Day #444) but sadly no real racing.

  3. I love this post. It sounds like things are going your way! Love that everything in your life is lining up, especially excited for your new job! Happy belated 30th as well. Being 30 is great, isn’t it?
    If you don’t mind sharing, could you email me your marathon training plan? I am sort of following one right now but am curious to compare notes with you. I haven’t minded my training so far and actually have been looking forward to my long runs, but my life isn’t nearly as busy as yours!

  4. welcome back! i’ve so been there with my reader many times, i just have to delete everything and start fresh. sounds like you’re having a FANTASTIC summer, which is the perfect excuse not to blog. yay for the new job, races and happy relationship! good for you 🙂 keep it up with marathon training, it is daunting, but it’s worth it at that finish line. hang in there!

    oh and welcome to 30, it’s sooooo much better than the 20’s. trust me.

  5. I’m glad to see so many good updates! So happy that you found a new job that you are excited about. It looks like there have been a lot of good races and fun times too! I’m doing my second sprint tri on Sunday (and last of the season) and then it’s on to Philly marathon training for me too! I’m looking forward to it but hoping my body is ready for the switch back to “full-time” running. I think my legs have enjoyed the break of tri training this summer.

  6. The b*tch is baaaaack! Jk, you are not a b*tch, but you are back.

    1. Happy birthday again. Thanks for not inviting me to your surprise bday party.
    2. Congrats again!!! I know you are so so so excited and I am so so so excited for you.
    3. Good for you. I am not. 😦
    4. Cheeseballs. But I am glad he is behaving himself and doing his job.
    5. Yikes!!! More excitement!

    Shortest race reports ever. Congrats on the 2 PR’s.

    Umm thanks a lot for not making me a priority of catching up on. You missed a lot. I went to the ER, i went to the beach, I had a 1-yr marriage anniversary, I have a q&A post open for Q’s, I finally wrapped up my honeymoon posts from last July…

  7. So, so happy to read you have a new job! I hope it is a wonderful fit for you. I loved your reports. You have been a very busy lady.

  8. Hi Jill, it’s good to hear from you again. As you can see I’m still here. About Facebook: I deleted my account so you won’t find me there.

    Happy belated birthday, sounds like you had great things planned around your birthday.

    Congratulations on your new job. I’m so happy for you, you made the decision to leave the old one and found a new one. And also happy that things between you and R2 are so great, you deserve that.

    Girl you’ve rocked your last three races, two new PR’s! Excellent job and congrats on that too.

    And it looks like you have some great plans/races for the coming months.

    You’re right to delete everything in your reader. What’s happening here in Holland? Not much I have to say. Been on a 3 week vacation in June. Am in full training for my half marathon in October. Had my first blogger meet last weekend which was super fun. Besides that it’s kind of boring so you’re not missing that much 🙂

  9. woooot 30 is great, I am headed there in 2 weeks and just know it’s going to brock. I am also figuring out the job situation which is scary but worth it

    way to go on racing!!!

  10. WOW, so much to comment on here! Awesome race reports (short and sweet – I like it! ), Great photos!!

    I feel like when you get to 30, you have ARRIVED. You know who you are, you know what you’re doing and your 30s are just the BEST! So, welcome!! 🙂

  11. Also, I just scrolled through this post again fast and for a second I thought in one of those photos you were holding a big ice cream cone and you were actually holding a water bottle. I think I need to go get dinner, clearly I’m hungry.

  12. I’m glad to see a new post from you! Happy birthday, turning 30 was kind of a relief for me! And I’m glad so many things in your life seem to be going so well, that just makes me so happy for you!

    PS – I don’t blame you for clearing your Reader, sometimes you just have to start fresh! 🙂

  13. Seems like you are well on your way! I too just recently turned 30 and will be running Philly. This will be my third straight – It’s by far my favorite race. I was searching wordpress for others who may be running Philly and came across your blog. Congratulations on your races and good luck in November!

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