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Joining The “Boot” Club

So there ya have it!

Here’s the deal.  My Plantar Fasciitis has been flaring up really badly; I wake up in the morning and can hardly stand, let alone put weight on it and run.  But the thing is, once I get moving and do run, I feel fine.  But anyone who has ever suffered from any level of PF knows that it that doesn’t mean I am okay.  My plantar fascia ligaments are pretty inflamed right now.  And in an effort to be proactive, my doctor ordered me to wear this to hopefully stabilize my ligaments.  Right now, my spirits are pretty high and I am feeling positive about this whole ordeal.  The really positive part is that I am still able to run and work out.  And I will be working two nights a week as long as I can handle it.  But at all other times, it’s all about the boot!  Given that this is all about being proactive, I know it is up to me to decide when I can and cannot workout.  I actually feel really lucky that I have a doctor that is also a good friend.  A doctor who is a marathon runner and a mulitple Ironman finisher.  A doctor who gets it, knows what it right for as an athlete and cares about me as a patient and a friend.  I feel lucky that I have a doctor who believes in being proactive so that long term goal focus isn’t lost.  That is probably why I am smiling in the photo- yeah, the boot sucks.  It is heavy, uncomfortable and not exactly a fashion statement.  But in the end, this is going to help me.  And I didn’t have to face a season-ending injury before getting relief.

For right now, I am taking it one day at a time.  You know…whatever gets me to that finish line in Novemeber!

19 thoughts on “Joining The “Boot” Club

  1. You’re so cute! Glad you’re spirits are still high and that you can still workout and run! Hopefully being proactive helps and you get over this quickly.

  2. Hope the boot helps with the recovery. PF is among the more stubborn injuries and typically takes months, not weeks, to heal. And, hey, at least it color coordinates with most outfits, right?

    • Trust me, this IS taking months! It has been a pain (literally) since last fall, almost a year ago. That is why we are trying the boot at this point. Like I said, my podiatrist is an IM and runner so I trust his instinct.

  3. oh no! not good news!! the PF i had a few months ago was intolerable, i couldn’t even sleep b/c it felt like a knife was poking out of my foot. i ended up getting the cortisone shot and it worked wonders. i limped into the office, walked out feeling so much better. haven’t had a problem since but my daily stretching routine is pretty insane in order to keep the achilles and PF under control.

    • I did get cortisone shots when it first started, and will again when I am done with the boot. I do love them and they help immensely. This is just another avenue to try out as well.

  4. Ugh! If only those things came in a more stylish color!! 🙂 hope it stabilizes like you want it to. Also glad your Doc is awesome. It takes mine 5 minutes to remember who I am each time I’m in 😦

  5. Oh dear!!! How long was I sidelined with PF???

    I should email you all I have learned….but I don’t think you’d like what I had to say about the boot. I think I’ll write a post next week about it.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. I am happy to hear you can still run while wearing it! That makes me think I can keep running while my PF heals too. I bet the boot will really help and you will be healed in no time! 🙂

  7. I hope the boot is just what you need to turn the corner with your PF. I’m glad you are able to be positive about it and get to keep running. And hopefully by doing this now you’ll be feeling good at the starting line in November!

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