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Guess Who’s Back…

That’s right folks.  I am back.  And hopefully still on your reader 🙂

Look, I needed a break.  There is more to life than blogging (I swear it is true) and I needed to spend time on those aspects of my life for a while without feeling bogged down by writing blog entries.  And without the pressure of keeping up with every blog in the sphere.  Which I don’t even close to do, but felt like I was doing.  In the time since I took my break (six weeks total) I have kept up with many of you.  Whether via email or facebook or texting.  And in many cases, I was still keeping up with your blogs.  Just not commenting.  I have a feeling that my blogging from here on out with be more like it has been this past six months.  Sporadic.  Reading without much commenting.  Life before blogging.  And if you stopped reading Finishing is Winning, it’s understood.  And if you don’t comment, that is understood too. 

But I am back.  And I hope you are still reading.

12 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back…

  1. Welcome back, Jill! I’m glad I can still keep tabs on you via FB and email. Good to see you back to blogging too but I can understand how it may not be much of a priority for you considering all you have going on in your life. I’ll continue to read whatever you offer though.

  2. Glad you’re back, and if it’s sporadically, I hope it’s because you are having fun!
    I’ve been posting sporadically too. Sometimes, life just gets in the way!!

  3. As you can see you are still in my Google reader. I can understand your reasons for not blogging all the time.
    Maybe we can be Facebook friends so I can keep more updated on what you’re doing? If you want to email me because I don’t want to put my full name down here 🙂

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