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Updates, Updates, Updates!

I supposed before I dive right back into blogging, I should give you some updates since it has been six weeks!

The foot- The foot and I are still working on things.  I was in the boot for 3.5 weeks and I followed the rules to a T.  Afterwards, I was in a smaller, less annoying brace.  Throughout being in the boot/brace, I was still training but not as much or as intense as I would have been if it had not been for the boot/brace.  In the last few weeks out of the boot/brace, my training has picked up significantly and my foot is holding up well.  (Knock on wood.  Seriously.  Right now.)  So far, when running, I have no problems with my foot.  At times, after a long run (usually 10+ miles) my foot will ache but after a good stretch/roll and some time resting, it feels normal again.  Best of all, I am able to walk the next day without issue.  This is all good news and I pray constantly that it keeps up through the entire training cycle.

The training- Training is going well.  Much better than I thought actually as far as mileage and recovery are going.  I am definitely not on par with where I wanted to be at this time, but after everything with my foot, I had to re-shift focus on my marathon goals.  In addition to my foot, you may or may not heard about Hurricane Irene which cause my August half-marathon in Wildwood to be cancelled.  That was supposed to be my “A” race so that I could get a real grip on how my training was coming along.  Without that race, and since having bagged Baltimore (I love that race, but logistically it sucks as far as overnight accomodations and I couldn’t deal with the stress!) I don’t have an actual half-marathon race in the fall.  So between the foot, the modified training schedule and the lack of a fall half-marathon, I had to re-assess.  And basically it came down to one thing.  I want to finish the marathon.  I let go of the time goal and decided that as long as I crossed the line uninjured and smiling, the marathon would be a success.  And if my race is anything like my training has been, I have no doubt that I will be smiling! 

The job- I got a new job…I got a new job…I got a new job.  THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!  My job was without a doubt the number one stressor in my life.  I absolutely hated working for my boss and I was constantly stressed out.  Do you know what kind of toll that takes on a person?  I wasn’t sleeping, I was either not eating or overeating and it was affecting my relationships with pretty much everyone in my life.  I was always beyond exhausted- it takes a lot of energy to deal with a situation that bad on a daily basis.  My anxiety was completely out of control.  I was getting headaches and stomachaches all the time.  I was frustrated and in a state of constant anger for 8 hours a day.  It would take until Saturday afternoon for me to calm down from the week and I would begin getting anxious about the week ahead on Sunday mornings.  It was horrible.  To say the least.  BUT….THAT IS ALL OVER!  In July, I found a new job.  I am still at a Middle School and basically doing the same work, but I am happy.  The day I gave my resignation was awesome!  I left the office with a sense of freedom.  It was like all the weight was lifted.  I finished out three weeks and was done!  I have been sleeping, eating normal and functioning like a human again.  It has been grand!

The boyfriend- I am happy to report that R2 and I are still together and happy 🙂  We even survived being away from each other while he was on vacation with his family.  Ok…I won’t lie…I was a mess.  What can I say, I missed my guy!  Now that busy insane racing summer is over, R2 and I are looking forward to spending a lot of time together- some of our fall plans include apple picking, pumpkin carving and hayrides.  In November, we are taking a 5 day vacation to Vermont.  I cannot wait!!!!



Ok…I caught you up, now catch me up.  Tell me one thing AWESOME that has happened to you in the last six weeks!


13 thoughts on “Updates, Updates, Updates!

  1. Yay for the foot. Yay for the training. Yay for the new job. Yay for the boyfriend!! You are one happy little tri Jill, and I am happy for you :). I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my foot, if your foot starts to bug you again, go and read it…I learned so much from my foot from heel 1 1/2 year fiasco.

    Miss you!!! (though I the few times I got on FB, I got a few updates :)).

  2. I’m just glad this wasn’t part of the update:

    “The Boyfriend… ”

    Otherwise I would have gotten mad at you and stopped reading and commenting again 😉

    Anywho. I don’t mean to put any of that lame pressure, I’m just making a joke. /Trying to.

    I am really SO happy for you! These small changes have turned everything around and I’m glad all is going well.

  3. Great news! Glad your foot is holding up well!!

    Jobs that you love are awesome things. Education (an involvement) is a huge, stressed-filled job! So happy you found a place to be yourself again!

    My BIG news? Check out my blog for details 🙂

  4. I got out of my cast/boot and started running again!

    I’m glad that so many things in life seem to be treating you well. And while I’m happy your foot is doing well and that R2 is still a good thing and that training is progressing… I think I’m the most happy about the job situation, because it makes me so happy to hear when people take control and get themselves out of an unhappy work environment. Because as much as the whole “work to live” adage is thrown around, the work environment carries through how you feel in all of the living. 🙂

  5. I am so happy your foot is feeling better! Mine is too!

    And that is the perfect goal for your first full – just finish with a smile on your face! You should just enjoy it!

    I’m so happy you love the new job and that you and R2 are doing great!

  6. Oh my gosh, our updates are so similar!!!! I can’t yet blab about it online, but I so will. You know, I post so rarely now, so chances are the next post you’ll see will be an update type of post.


  7. oh i love this. and i love ‘real’ life, because yes life exists outside the blahgesphere! i love that you seem so happy, and how could you not be, the job, the man, the healed up foot. so happy for you! keep at it sister!

    as for me… i’m going to do my first tri in november (just an indoor YMCA one), and i’ve been swimming. and it’s glorious!

    so glad you’re doing well 🙂

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