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30 Days Of Truth- Day 9

Day 9- Someone you didn’t want to let go of, but just drifted

This is easy.  Her name is Kara.  I survived high school because of Kara.  And at times, I survived life because of Kara.

Kara and I met on the first day of high school.  She had a spacious end locker for the first few hours of freshman year.  Some little girl (me) came and ruined this blissful happiness though because she could not reach her top locker.  Thus began what would eventually become the friendship of Kara and Jill.  By the end of freshman year, Kara had finally forgiven me for stealing her locker.  When Sophomore year rolled around, we both joined Interact and found ourselves spending a lot of time together.  We were different in every way but the at the same time we were so much alike.  During that summer, we began hanging out on a more regular basis.  And pretty much from there we were inseprable. 

Our friendship never faltered through high school and college.   Through relationships, various hair colors, ups and downs with other friends, big moves, graduations…everything.  Kara was the first person I ever drank with, who I took some of my best shore vacations with and who knew me better than I knew myself.   We were there for each other through everything.  Every memory I have for the series of years we were close, somehow involves Kara. 

Unfortunately, after college she moved with her boyfriend and our time spent together became less and less.  Emails and phone calls became sparse and at some point we just stopped making time for each other.  As alike as we were for all those years, our adult lives took us down completely different paths.  I have only seen Kara twice in the last 3 years. I think about her often.  I have nothing but love for the girl who I feel shaped much of who I am. 

Do I wish we were still close?  Of course.  But I think our friendship served a purpose (for both of us) and I respect that we have moved forward in different directions.  I feel like the next time I see her, it’ll be like we were never apart.  Kara and I will always be able to pick up where we left off.  Even though we have drifted, I don’t think we will ever let go of each other in heart.


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4 thoughts on “30 Days Of Truth- Day 9

  1. I have a similar friend. We drifted a bit when I graduated (she was a year behind me in hs) and then even more when her family moved to FL and she went with them for graduate school. She is still in FL and we have made time for each other a few times over the years but we don’t keep in touch the way we should. The nice thing is that we pick up where we left off when we do get together.

  2. This is interesting… as I have a similar friend situation with a person also named Kara. She and I were best friends throughout high school and college… and then, life happened. I got a job in a new city, she got married, I got married, she had kids and moved… When we see each other it picks up just like we still talk all the time, but we don’t communicate often. I miss her, but maintaining the same friendship that we previously had doesn’t feel possible via phone/email/text. I love her to death and I love the time we had together. I do feel a little sad reflecting on this “missing” element in my life right now, but like you said… we’ve gone down such different paths.

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