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It Shall Not Go Unnoticed

One year ago today, the blog world lost a great guy and I lost a great friend.  A year ago today, I woke up ready to race Warrior Dash but was presented with some sad news as soon as I opened my Facebook.

Rick was a great blog friend, always ready with a funny comment and great advice.  I have missed him through this last year- we intended to meet in Boston, and while I felt his presence there, he was so very missed.  I have missed his humor while I have gone through many ups and downs with my racing this year and I think of him often.  I know Rick will be on my mind as I run Philly this year.

One year- so much happens in a year.  Days might go slow, but man does time fly.

Hope you are resting, and running, happy 🙂

4 thoughts on “It Shall Not Go Unnoticed

  1. i miss him too. think about him a lot! kind of crazy for a guy i met once for like 20 minutes… sometimes i can just imagine what kind of comments he’d have when i’m writing up a blog post.

    i meant to run sunday for him, but forgot / my skin is not currently allowing me to run everyday. i think he understands though.

    meant to mail his fam a card too. man i suck!

    we miss you rick!

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