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Marathon: Freaking Out Edition!

It’s official.  With 17 days to go, I have officially begun to freak out!!!  What if I get hurt?  What if I get sick? What if my hotel loses my reservation?  What if I oversleep?  What if I get major cramps during the race?  What if there is a snowstorm? What if I can’t stop using the bathroom?  What if all my training still isn’t enough? What if….what if…what if….

Here’s the thing.  Pretty much throughout this whole thing, I haven’t asked for much advice.  Hardly any, actually.  Mostly because everyone has something different to say.  But just because I didn’t ask…doesn’t mean people aren’t offering.  And I am starting to feel like I am on information overload.  Should I get the flu shot now or after the marathon?  How much sleep should I be getting?  What should I be eating each meal?  How often should I eat?  How long should my longest run be?  How much taper time do I need?  What should I wear?  And on and on and on and on….

The truth is, I have all of those answers within me.  I know what is best for me personally.  I know my body.  Every single person is different.  With that said, all the things people say…it’s still in my head.  Swimming around causing me anxiety.  I don’t honestly know why I am freaking out so much.  I have prepared for this- I am ready for this!

I guess what all that freak out is, is the taper madness everyone always talks about?  It is crazy hard to keep all my emotions at bay!  I have been thinking about a marathon for two years and now it is almost just two weeks away!  I have my music ready, I have my clothes ready (three different options weather depending) and I feel good!  I have some aches but I expect that- I am on my feet four nights a week in addition to all my running.  My legs and feet are crying for a break.  And thankfully, I am giving that to them just in time!  R2 and I are heading to Vermont on Tuesday and staying through Sunday.  Six whole days off from both jobs!!!!  The whole trip is planned around rest and relaxation.  We will be visiting his parents and luckily his mom has a treadmill.   I’ll be able to get in all my runs and rest up for the big day- when I get back it’ll only be a week away!  I also took off the two nights before my race so I can rest as much as possible and get a few good nights sleep in before race day.  I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping much the night before!

It’ll be here before I know it!!!   

I know quite a few bloggers are racing Philly- let me know if you’ll be there and I’ll keep an eye out!  I am hoping to meet up with a few people at the expo 🙂

12 thoughts on “Marathon: Freaking Out Edition!

  1. Get the flu shot after the marathon. There is no need to freak yourself out even more if you start getting symptoms from the shot.

    You are going to be just fine. Follow your taper plan, eat healthy and don’t do any bungee jumping.

  2. Jill, I’m SO excited for you!! I’m also jealous of your Vermont trip. I have never been to Vermont. You better take a lot of photos and rest a lot. 😉

  3. you ARE ready!!! it’s hard to quiet the voices during taper but keep repeating, “i am ready.” can’t wait for you to cross that finish line!! you’re going to love it. rest up and listen to your body. see you soon!

  4. You know what I think helped me calm down right before MCM? I went and got a massage last Tuesday (5 days before the marathon) to calm myself down. I honestly think I ran a better race because of it! You know the answers to all of your questions and you know you’re going to have a great race. This is ABSOLUTELY taper crazies…I never got them before I ran Philly last year but I sure got them this time around!

    I can’t wait to see you there!!!

  5. You are ready girl, it is going to be one glorious day and I’ve been so proud of your every step getting there. Everyone has different rituals they have on race day prep and you are establishing yours for what works for you. You have your game plan and ready to taper to get the legs fresh and attack that race feeling fantastic! So excited for you !!!

  6. Like you said you know yourself!! We are all different and different things work for us. Do what you normally do, hydrate, get a massage a few days before if you can, sleep, sleep and sleep!!! Enjoy it all!!

  7. LOL, totally taper madness!

    If it helps, I know people who have gotten to the finish line of races as much as 30 mins late and still started and finished fine (as long as the mats aren’t up yet!)

    I got my flu shot in early Oct – I’d go ahead and get it.

    for almost everything, as much as it sucks, pick a backup race just in case (mine is the Rock & Roll DC Marathon in March – but I’d rather run NYC!)

  8. I’m convinced you are ready! No worries, you will be great! Maybe making a list with all the things you need to remember or with your meals prior to the big date will help getting your head cleared.

    Have fun at your Vermont trip, sounds like you guys will have a great time.

  9. I can’t believe it is only two weeks away! My brain is already going crazy and taper has just barely started. 🙂 Would love to meet you at the expo if we can work something out.

    Enjoy your vacation. It sounds like a great way to relax before the race!

  10. Ok so here’s what you must do because my opinion is the opinion:

    Just kidding. I don’t really know about taper madness either – I don’t go stir crazy myself. Probably bc my day is so busy and having shorter runs / more rest days is a blessing!

    Enjoy your bow chica bow wow time! 😉

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