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Hello? Anyone out there?

Well, it lasted four months.  That’s how long it has been since I blogged.  In the words of Pearl Jam…”everything has change…nothing has changed” but recently I have been thinking about how much better I felt when I was blogging.  And after a few months away, I noticed I still get over 100 visits a day to my blog.  A few weeks ago, I got an email from a girl who found my blog after googling about wetsuits and told me she read over 100 of my posts and was sad to see that I had stopped blogging.  The truth is, I am sad I stopped blogging, too.  It just got so out of hand- I began to feel like I had to keep up with the Jones’s for a lack of a better term.  I was overwhelmed with life and coming off of a marathon training cycle that truly burned me out.   Recovery from that race was not pleasant and neither were the months that followed for me.  Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do.  I felt like I was losing my voice as a blogger and in the grand scheme of things, it just didn’t take precedence.  Personally, mentally, emotionally and physically, it was a very trying time for me.  Honestly, most days it still is.  I know I am being vague, but if I am going to get back to blogging, I am going to get back to getting real too.  Not sure how often I’ll be writing, especially while I try to find my voice here again and get back to why I started this blog in the first place.  But you can definitely expect some updates over the next few weeks.  You know, if I still appear on your reader 🙂

17 thoughts on “Hello? Anyone out there?

  1. I think of you often and wonder if you would ever start blogging again! I think it’s smart to take a break from it when you need to. It should be fun! 🙂 Of course, that being said, I am happy to see something from you 🙂

    I hope you are compeltely recovered from your marathon!

  2. Any one who quotes Pearl Jam is cool, one of my rules.

    It is hard to keep up a blog, isn’t it… I think the trick is to put less pressure on yourself to write life changing posts and just put simple but personal ones up. When it comes down to it, running, compartmentalizing is near impossible, and running sort of sucks all of your life up into its massive whirlpool of energy. Just a physical manifestation of all your insides turned outwards.

    Deep, huh, or maybe just word bark, but, to quote pearl jam, we are all just a “human being given to fly”

    • Thanks for the kind words. It really is true that as people we must not put so much pressure on ourselves in general. But definitely not in blogging!

  3. yay!

    I’ve been thinking of dropping out of the BlogHer network because they require me to write 2 posts per week and I have been having trouble keeping up with that lately.

    And I’ve almost entirely stopped commenting / reading other blogs. I scan through them and only read posts that look interesting and rarely comment. I just don’t have time lately.

    So, I know how you feel. I don’t want to totally stop blogging either, I just don’t want pressure. But, I’ve decided that I just won’t feel pressure and I’ll do what i can.

    • Deleting over 60 blogs on my reader (you were NOT one of them 🙂 ) had made this a lot easier. Blogging is not life…well, not for me at least…and I cannot keep up with everyone. Nor do I want to try anymore.

  4. You need a new website. Thebomb.com. You just made my day/week/year! Yayyyyy. I knew you couldn’t stay gone 😉

  5. Hey Jill!

    Glad to ‘see’ you. 🙂 Yes, you’re still in my reader and I just weededout bunches. Just got back to it, myself … well, running, mostly AND a little blogging thrown in for good measure. Glad to see you’re taking care of you.

    Hugs from our new digs ~ outside of Orlando!

    • Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! You! I miss you! You are for sure making my day right now seeing this comment 🙂 Happy to hear you are back at it too!

  6. Welcome back Jill! I’m happy you left a message on my blog because you weren’t in my reader anymore (you are now again). I was sure you wouldn’t come back but I’m glad you did.

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