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Winner, Winner & What’s In My Gym Bag?

Found out yesterday that I was the winner of Kim’s knock-knock give-away 🙂

I love the knock-knock stuff and could really use this after the past month I have had, so I was double excited!  What a great way to start off a Monday morning!  And a great reason to check my mail 🙂

Recently, Nicole posted that she would need some help with what to pack in her gym bag.  I realized when listing my items…mine might be a little ridiculous!  I use a simple ADIDAS bag; it is usually stuffed with little room for anything else.  No wonder it is so heavy!!!!  The thing is, I get ready at the gym so often (sometimes for work, sometimes for after work, sometimes on weekends) that I had to buy double of the important things to have when getting ready.  It just became too much of a nuisance to keep packing and unpacking.  And it was beyond frustrating when I would forget something; especially if it was something I couldn’t be without.

In my gym bag-

Main Part-

  • Extra socks, underwear, a regular bra and sports bras.  Pretty much the worst ever when you forget to pack those!
  • Sliders to wear in the shower.  I would rather go to work like a sweaty pig then dare step in a gym shower without shoes.
  • Hair-dryer and flat iron.  I wouldn’t subject anyone to what my hair looks like without them.
  • Lotion.  Big bottles. Two of them; in case one runs out.  Because I am obsessed with lotion.
  • Towels.  I forgot my towels once.  I dried off with a single t-shirt that I luckily had in my bag.  It was not fun.  I never forgot towels again.
  • Change of clean clothes.  Bet you had that one guessed.

Side pocket-

  • Hair ties.  At least 342 of them.
  • Shower needs: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor.  You aren’t supposed to shave in the gym showers.  But since the rules about walking around naked in the locker room and sitting on the benches without a towel get broken all the time by women who have disgusting hygiene, then I figure what is the big deal if I shave my legs in the shower?
  • Small bottles of lotion.  Listen, I said I was obsessed.
  • Deodorant.  I try not to smell.
  • Advil.  If I have a headache and plan to go from work to the gym, I won’t go.  But in the time it takes for Advil to kick in, my commute from work to the gym is over and I am ready to work out!
  • Gas-X.  Why more people don’t take this before running, I will never understand.
  • Make-up.  Sometimes, I get fancy.

Other side pocket-

  • Goggles, swim cap and fins.  I don’t like any of my swim stuff to touch anything that is non-swimming.  Oh, to be so Type-A.


Ok- so fess up!  Are you an over-packer?  Do you use a gym bag at all?  Pack and re-pack or have doubles of things?

5 thoughts on “Winner, Winner & What’s In My Gym Bag?

  1. I bring a gym bag with me to work for my lunch runs. I pack way less stuff though. I have a towel and whatever running gear I need depending on the weather. I used to keep body wash/face wash/shampoo/conditioner/deodorant in my bag but now I have a locker so I keep that stuff there. I also keep my shoes and a few hair ties in my locker.
    Also, I was really excited when I saw you won Kim’s giveaway!!

  2. I sent your journal yesterday! 🙂

    LOL, what does Gas-X do? I tend to overpack in the sense of extra underwear, shirts, hats and gloves… I never know how cold I will be in the winter and if I will need a dry change. I totally don’t take care of my hair though. Props to you!!!

  3. I lack my bag every night or morning before work, but I go to the gym after work. When I went in the AM I packed it at night but only for one day at a time. I’ve forgotten a bra once, and now that I go after work I’ve forgotten shoes once too but I just worked out barefoot.

  4. I have a lot in my gym bag, too. Lately, I realized I need to carry a lock in my gym bag because I usually carry it in my swim bag and I didn’t swim that day so opps…no lock. I think I need to carry an extra pair of shoes in my bag, too….been to the gym without shoes once or twice. Too much stuff!! Haha.

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