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Updates and Randomness

This post is likely to be all over the place because it is May and in May, I am generally all over the place!

Foot/Leg-  I have been cleared to work out.  Great news.  Still no running.  Not so great news.  I’ll go back in another two weeks for another check-in and we will take it from there.  Two weeks at a time.  I am happy at this point that I can get back to ballet and barre and at least use the elliptical.  It is definitely better than only being able to lift because while my arms look like the gun show, my legs and belly are definitely getting flabby and that is NOT how I want to go into summer!

Work- Work is in a word- insane.  May is always crazy.  Not only is there the 8th grade semi-formal and 8th grade overnight trip but it is the end stages of graduation planning and the kids (and teachers!) are checking out.  Additionally, May is about the time we start planning for September.  Double duty.  Craziness!


There are two social things happening right now, both of which I want to vent about because I am livid and need to get this off my chest!

1- Charles Ramsey saved three girls lives.  In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, he was able to rescue a girl who had been missing for 12 years.  She was then able to call 911 and rescue two other girls who had been missing.  Instead of praising this man for being the hero that he is, the media is making a joke out of him.  This infuriates me to the enth degree.  To top it off, while the world is making a joke out of him, he is donating his reward money to the girls that were found.  The world needs more Charles Ramsey’s.  End of story.

2- Abercrombie & Fitch CED Mike Jeffries doesn’t want fat people to shop at his store because he only wants cool and pretty people buying his clothes.  I have never so much as stepped foot in this store (or Hollister) because their sizes make it obvious that this is their mission statement, but i am even more full of rage that he makes blanket statements like “We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”  What a gross human being.  Let’s instigate body snarking and bullying because we don’t already have enough of that with kids.  If you do shop there, or allow your kids to shop there, I implore you to stop.  Please do not give money to people who encourage this despicable behavior. 

In summation, the world needs more Charles Ramsey’s and less Mike Jeffries.


8 thoughts on “Updates and Randomness

  1. Thank you for your outrage over that douche C.E.O. I adore that most everyone I know looks upon him with disgust.

    I love Charles Ramsey! That man is a class act! And I swear, if I hear one disparaging word about him, I’m going to clang heads.

    May was about the time my kid decided she hated school-when she went to school for one year, she’s homeschooled. ‘Til next year, anyway.- It’s just a bad time..the weather starts getting nicer, everyone gets restless…all the activities… gah.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think Jeffries was doing his company any favors, but at least he was honest about something that I think a lot of people suspected. Hopefully now a lot fewer people will shop there (although I personally haven’t been in one of those stores in a decade). What’s really crummy is that from what I hear, Abercrombie does make some larger mens’ sizes, but not womens’, so that’s a nice double standard there. Yuck.

    • Oh he addressed that as well. Men are larger because they are “athletic” whereas women are larger because they are “fat” which is not the same thing. Newsflash Jeffries- size doesn’t determine cool factor.

  3. I haven’t heard the stuff about Charles Ramsey. That is insane. And the other guy I had heard about. How nuts!

  4. Seriously that Jeffries person has lost his mind. There are so many people with overweight these days all over the world. If he doesn’t want them in his store, his business will be going down soon. When I think about that: let us all, the overweight people, stop shopping at his stores and lets see who has the longest breath.

    I agree on Charles Ramsey. That youtube video where they put his interview on music was even on Dutch television. I don’t like this either. Here’s someone who has saved these girls lives, give him some respect please.
    It’s ironic though that on the day they found those 3 girls in the US, here in Holland two brothers (8 and 10) have gone missing. They have last been seen with their Dad last Monday but the father hang himself early Tuesday morning in the woods and is dead and there hasn’t been a sign of these children ever since. I don’t think they are still alive, very sad story.

    • Wow that is a sad story! Such a shame there are so many crazy people in the world- but I try to focus on how many good people there are as well!

  5. I was living under a rock for the past two weeks. I did hear about the story of the girls but hadn’t heard about what was being done to the guy who discovered them. Shameful.
    I hadn’t heard about the A&F thing either. While I’ve gone into one before, I’ve never even considered purchasing anything because the prices are outrageous and having A&F plastered all over my clothes was never appealing to me. (I do own an A&F hoodie though that someone gave me)

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