All Things Marathon

OMG.  Less than a month.  A month from today I will have ran a marathon.  Could this really be, finally, happening??  I have never been this close, having to back out twice, and it is starting to get very real.  Wow. Holy wow!

I have shyed away from really talking about the marathon and my training for two reasons.  The first reason being that there are some opinions I don’t want.  There is a plan for everyone; I like my plan and feel good about what I am doing.  Often, I know I can be discouraged by what others may say if they do not agree with what I am doing or how I am doing such things. (Does that even makes sense?)  Also, I haven’t talked much about it, because in all honesty, its big enough.  I am not running this to break any records, get to Boston or anything like that.  My sole purpose for running this marathon is for myself.  So that I can say I did something bigger than myself and something that I never imagined I would do.  From day one there have only been two goals.  Finish injury free and finish happy.  Time. Does. Not. Matter.

In my day to day life, no one cares about how fast I run, what my splits are or what time the clock says when I cross the finish line.  But with my teammates and in the blog world, a lot of focus is placed on times, paces, splits, goal times and etc.  For someone who runs on the slower side, like myself, this can be discouraging.  When I read that walking takes away from the glory of a marathon or when I read that everyone should finish in such a such time, I feel discouraged.  And the most important part of my training has been to stay positive.  I have had to restrict from reading some blogs and training with groups, so that I can keep a positive mentality.  And trust me, I know (most) people do not make statements to hurt anyone, but do so without realizing what it can do to a person’s pysche.  Although I am a very strong person, I am also very sensitive.  I have made major efforts to improve my confidence and keep positive through this training.  And so far, mostly so good!

While I haven’t talked much about the marathon up until now, I probably won’t be able to talk about anything BUT the marathon for the next four weeks!  I have so many questions and feelings…I totally get how major this is, regardless of how different my goals might be from others.  The marathon truly is such a personal journey.  And in less than a month I will be running (and yes, walking) with thousands of others on their own personal journeys.  There is something so significant to me about all of this that I get emotional when I think about the day.  I have visioned it so many times.  During training runs, visioning the race helps me so much.  I think about the crowds, my family and friends, the music, the energy and of course the finish line.  I try not to think about the exhaustion, the pain and the time!  I am going to be out there a long time.  But at the end of that long time will be the long-awaited finish line.  And that will make it all worth it.

Every day is different- Some days I love the training, some days I hate it. Some days I feel strong and others not-so-much. Some days I am excited and others scared to death.  But on November 20th, 2011, I am going to toe the line of my very first marathon.  And I have a feeling that the feeling I will have in those first moments, and in the moments crossing the finish lines, are ones I cannot begin to imagine.  Only live.  And I get chills thinking about it.

Can you remember how you felt in the weeks and days leading up to your first marathon?  Please share 🙂

30 Days Of Truth- Day 9

Day 9- Someone you didn’t want to let go of, but just drifted

This is easy.  Her name is Kara.  I survived high school because of Kara.  And at times, I survived life because of Kara.

Kara and I met on the first day of high school.  She had a spacious end locker for the first few hours of freshman year.  Some little girl (me) came and ruined this blissful happiness though because she could not reach her top locker.  Thus began what would eventually become the friendship of Kara and Jill.  By the end of freshman year, Kara had finally forgiven me for stealing her locker.  When Sophomore year rolled around, we both joined Interact and found ourselves spending a lot of time together.  We were different in every way but the at the same time we were so much alike.  During that summer, we began hanging out on a more regular basis.  And pretty much from there we were inseprable. 

Our friendship never faltered through high school and college.   Through relationships, various hair colors, ups and downs with other friends, big moves, graduations…everything.  Kara was the first person I ever drank with, who I took some of my best shore vacations with and who knew me better than I knew myself.   We were there for each other through everything.  Every memory I have for the series of years we were close, somehow involves Kara. 

Unfortunately, after college she moved with her boyfriend and our time spent together became less and less.  Emails and phone calls became sparse and at some point we just stopped making time for each other.  As alike as we were for all those years, our adult lives took us down completely different paths.  I have only seen Kara twice in the last 3 years. I think about her often.  I have nothing but love for the girl who I feel shaped much of who I am. 

Do I wish we were still close?  Of course.  But I think our friendship served a purpose (for both of us) and I respect that we have moved forward in different directions.  I feel like the next time I see her, it’ll be like we were never apart.  Kara and I will always be able to pick up where we left off.  Even though we have drifted, I don’t think we will ever let go of each other in heart.


Day 1 –> Something you hate about yourself

Day 2 –> Something you love about yourself

Day 3 –> Something you have to forgive yourself for

Day 4 –> Something you have to forgive someone else for

Day 5 –> Something you hope to do in your life

Day 6 –> Something you hope you never have to do in your life

Day 7 –>Someone who has made your life worth living

Day 8 –> Someone who made your life hell or treated you like shit

Joining The “Boot” Club

So there ya have it!

Here’s the deal.  My Plantar Fasciitis has been flaring up really badly; I wake up in the morning and can hardly stand, let alone put weight on it and run.  But the thing is, once I get moving and do run, I feel fine.  But anyone who has ever suffered from any level of PF knows that it that doesn’t mean I am okay.  My plantar fascia ligaments are pretty inflamed right now.  And in an effort to be proactive, my doctor ordered me to wear this to hopefully stabilize my ligaments.  Right now, my spirits are pretty high and I am feeling positive about this whole ordeal.  The really positive part is that I am still able to run and work out.  And I will be working two nights a week as long as I can handle it.  But at all other times, it’s all about the boot!  Given that this is all about being proactive, I know it is up to me to decide when I can and cannot workout.  I actually feel really lucky that I have a doctor that is also a good friend.  A doctor who is a marathon runner and a mulitple Ironman finisher.  A doctor who gets it, knows what it right for as an athlete and cares about me as a patient and a friend.  I feel lucky that I have a doctor who believes in being proactive so that long term goal focus isn’t lost.  That is probably why I am smiling in the photo- yeah, the boot sucks.  It is heavy, uncomfortable and not exactly a fashion statement.  But in the end, this is going to help me.  And I didn’t have to face a season-ending injury before getting relief.

For right now, I am taking it one day at a time.  You know…whatever gets me to that finish line in Novemeber!

Monday Brain Exchange Week 25- 2011 Excitement

Every Monday, at the end of the current weeks M.B.E answer, I will post a question for the following week.  This way you can cue your post for Monday if you wish.  If Monday doesn’t work for you, you can still play along any day of the week that works best. If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.

This Weeks Topic: 2011 Racing

This Weeks Question: What race are you most excited for in 2011?  Any destination races?  Are you trying out a new distance.  Tell us what it is in general you are looking forward to when it comes to 2011 racing.

The race I am most excited for is NJ State.  It was my favorite race last year and I am looking to do even better this year.  The second race I am most excited for isn’t even one I am running, and that race is Boston!  I am so excited to meet so many of you and watch the race that Monday 🙂

And as for trips…well, this is me so of course I have trips planned!  First up, Shamrock 8K in VA Beach.  Then hopefully I’ll get into the B.A.A 5K for when I am in Boston.  I am also planning to travel to New York for the Boilermaker in July to celebrate my 30th birthday.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Next Weeks Topic: Extreme Weather & Keeping it Fun

Next Weeks Question: Do you deal with any types of extreme weather where you live?  Heat warnings, a lot of snow, frequent tornados?  How do you keep your workouts fresh and fun when you are stuck indoors?

A Night At The Track & Randomness

It dawned on me recently that most of my posts throughout the summer have been race reports and week in reviews.  (Have I put you to sleep yet with the mediocrity???)  What better way to get back to the basics than with a list format post- yeah list format 🙂

But first…I have to tell you all about my amazing track workout from Thursday.  Let me set the scene: had the track pretty much to myself.  My team does a weekly track workout but I was early so I got started by myself.  It had rained earlier and while there was still humidity, I had a nice breeze.  I have a 5k coming up and I am really determined to beat or get close to my time from last year.  Last year…you know…when I was basically at my peak–> perfect weight, no injuries, running amazing…etc.  I feel like if I can run close to what I did last year it will be a testament to how far I have come this year through all the crap.  So I set out with a goal to do two 4×400’s at a 9 minute pace.  I warmed up with some stretches, a slow two laps around the track and some bleacher running.  And what happened next even blew my mind…

 1- 2:04 1:57 1:59 2:06

You see that right- TWO 400’s under two minutes.  And a total of 8:06.  REALLY?? Did I seriously run that- yes I did!!! Woooohoooo!

2- 2:06 2:05 1:48 2:14

Gee, can you guess when my teammates showed up?!?  Haha.  My teammate Ryan challenged me to run one lap with him.  He runs 1:30 400’s and I was already kind of out of gas so I had no idea how I would do but I was really pleased to pull a 1:48.  Of course, I followed it with a 2:14, so clearly I bonked!!  Still…8:13…after an 8:06…who is this girl????

Annnnnd list:

  • Yeah, so that track workout was awesome- however, my legs are STILL feeling it and I have 5 miles on deck for tomorrow.  Totally pushed it- felt great but next week I will be bringing it down a notch!
  • Fran mentioned that I need to update my sidebar- so true!  I am like two months behind!  I need to get on that for real…gotta get all my PR’s in 🙂
  • This is a non-race weekend.  I won’t lie, I am enjoying the break!
  • I entered into Jamoosh’s HARD CORE CLUB because…well, I am friggen hardcore obviously.  But also because I like to be held accountable and I am tired of my jeans being to tight in the waist.  So yeah, one week down and I am not only alive but kicking ass and taking names.  I’ll be bouncing quarters off these abs in no time.  At least I better be after all this ab torture!!!!
  • Teachers come back in two weeks- kids come back in three weeks. LALALALALALALA I don’t want to think about it!
  • Today was our Team 5 year anniversary picnic.  Small turnout which was a disappointment but those of us who did go had a blast!  I cannot remember the last time I went down water slides, jumped off high dives and just swam around for fun.  We had great weather and it was an overall good day!
  • I leave for vacation soon and I cannot wait.  I got downtheshore for three weekends straight and it is BLISS!
  • Don’t forget to enter my give-a-way here 🙂

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend 🙂

Maximus Wins & The Going Places Award…

Ok, this post is about three weeks ricidulously overdue.  Way back like a million years ago, Jamoosh held a little contest…a turtle naming contest for his Last Mile Brewing logo.  There was some fierce competition. And I won!  As if just winning (and being the one to name his logo turtle) wasn’t enough, I came home to find this gem in my mailbox 🙂  A Last Mile Brewing water bottle.  And look who is on it- Maximus! Score!

Don’t be jealous!  Actually, on second thought…no, go ahead and be jealous 🙂

Around this same time I was also given the Going Places Award from Suzy.  I’m supposed to tell you where I hope to be in ten years, then pass it along to ten bloggers.  This is not the “official award banner” but I liked it and thought it fit! 

In ten years I hope to be…

  • a homeowner
  • a half-ironman finisher
  • a marathon finisher
  • a wife
  • a mommy of one or two
  • the holder of a Masters Degree
  • working in a career I love
  • more financially sound
  • a free-lance writer
  • happy in whatever I am doing

The truth is, I have no idea where I will be in ten years!  I can tell you this much…ten years ago I would have never thought I would be where I am now!  In the end, the only thing I really want, is to be happy.  And to have fun.  At the end of the day, I want to have truly lived!

And ten bloggers:

Jill @ Jill Will Run

Jill @ Run With Jill

Kim @ IlaxStudio

Julie @ Julie’s Running Blog

Meg @ Meg Runs

Jamoosh @ Last Mile Lounge

Andrea @ Age Groups Rock

Fran @ Dutch Girl Gets Healthy

Katie @ One Run At A Time

Rick @ Marathon Man Runs Again


Hope everyone has a great weekend- unfortunately, due to a series of events that were all out of my control, I will not be participating in BOMF relay.  Our relay team pretty much fell apart (literally!) and it just couldn’t come together in time.  I feel sad and I am bummed but I am trying to think of it as a sign that perhaps I needed the rest.  The following weekend is NJState, my biggest race of the summer…maybe I need this weekend to not race.  To those who are racing GOOD LUCK!!!!  Instead of racing this weekend I will be attending a concert on Friday night and my friend Bill’s wedding on Saturday night.  I am still staying busy busy and of course I will post photos!  Thanks again for all the happy birthday wishes, for all the props on my duathlon this past weekend and for being a continuous amazing support system! 

Simple Give-A-Ways For A Happy Anniversary To My Blog

Welcome new readers!!! 

Today is my blogversary! 

I cannot believe I have been blogging for one whole year!  Seriously…keeping up with a blog sounded good in theory but I really didn’t know how well it would work out.  I tend to have grand plans and then forget about them at some point.  I cannot tell you how many half-full journals I have lying around.  But this was different.  I kept writing.  Then I found other blogs and they found me and I made friends and it was a while different experience then what I set out for.  When I started this blog, I thought to myself “This would be a really cool way of tracking my progress”, never did I think “I’ll start a blog that people will read, and then I will make plans to meet those people” but that is exactly how it happened and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In honor of one whole year of blogging, I have not one…but two(!!!) give-a-ways.  That’s right…two! 🙂

OneLittleTriGirl’s Blogversary Give-A-Ways! 🙂

Give-A-Way #1-


  • Book- The Runner’s Literary Companion.  Includes short stories and poems from runners; some are funny and some are sad, but they are all good stories.
  • Balega socks- My most favorite socks ever.  The small ones pictured here are mine, but if you win, I’ll send you a pair in your size!
  • Body Glide- I love this stuff !!!

How to enter for Give-A-Way #1

  • Go to my #200 posts, choose one of the Top 6-8-10 lists and fill your own answers out in a comment below.
  • Link this back on your blog for a second entry.

Give-A-Way #2-


  • It’s a surprise bag of goodies 🙂
  • I’ll post a photo after the winner is announced.

How to enter for Give-A-Way #2

  • Email me (see my contact on sidebar) with “Goody Bag” in the subject line. 
  • Additionally, because some emails (like mine) don’t give it away,  include the name of your blog in the body of the email so I know who you are!


Additional Information: 

  • The winners will be announced Wednesday, February 17. 
  • Yes, give-a-way #2 really is that simple!!!