Week In Review- 6/7-6/13

Week in Review; 6/7-6/13

Monday: 1100 meter swim in the morning.  3×300’s with 200 meter cool-down.  This was the short swim I posted about last week.

Tuesday: Two-a-day!!  Morning workout was an easy 2.2 miles and then after work I went on a 6.5 mile bike ride.  I really wanted to get to Pilates but I just wasnt going to happen; my legs were still tight and sore from last Sunday’s race and I just did not think it was a good day to start back. 

Wednesday: Rest Day.

Thursday: 1200 meter swim in the morning.  800 meters timed, 300 meters of mixed drills and 100 meter cool down.  In addition, I had my last PT session at night.

Friday: 2 mile afternoon run.  Oh, and two hours of dancing as I chaperoned the 8th grade dance.

Saturday: Technically a rest day but I did some hardcore dancing at my cousins wedding.  Burn calories, burn!

Sunday: Nothing.  And I mean nothing!  Not only did I completely ignore my 4 mile scheduled run, but I hardly bothered to get out of bed.  Too much partying this weekend!

Weekly High: The wedding for sure!

Weekly Low:  Not getting my run in today.  Clearly, I needed the rest, but I cannot help but to feel lazy.

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. My awesome family!
  2. Having nothing to do today- I cannot even remember the last timeI had nothing to do!
  3. My awesome PT Michele for taking good care of me.

Quote of the week:  There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.  Pat Riley

As promised…photos from the wedding weekend:

See…I clean up nice!

It’s Official!!

With the groom

With the bride

With Mom ❤

Cocktailing 🙂

Mom and Dad ❤

Oh, yum!


Week in Review; 5/31-6/6 & 8K Race Report

Week in Review; 5/31-6/6

Monday: Off work which made my day 🙂  I love three-day weekends!  Went for a leisure 5.5 mile bike ride with my mom and two of her friends. 

Tuesday: It was a two-a-day!  AM workout- 1400 meters in the pool.   400 with buoy, 800 meters timed, 100 meter kick-set and 100 meter cool down.  PM workout- 3.8 mile loop with my friend Kate at conversation pace.  I love this loop because it is mostly shaded and on the water!

Wednesday: Technically a rest day…except for the fact that I walked for 6 hours around Great Adventure while chaperoning the 7th grade trip.  Eleven 7th grade girls.  Six hours at Great Adventure.  Sounds like a workout to me!

Thursday: Elliptical and PT.

Friday: 1400 meters in the pool.  Timed 800, 400 meter with buoy, 100 meter kick-set and 100 meter cool-down.  I did NOT want to workout Friday…I did not want to get up, get out of bed, get ready or go to the gym.  Even once I was there I did not want to get in the pool.  But I did anyway.

Saturday: Scott Coffee 8k.  See race report below.

Sunday: Much needed rest day!  Spending the day in Philly at the pro bike races with friends!

Weekly High: I won Jamoosh’s turtle naming contest…does life GET any better?!?!?!

Weekly Low:  Another (anonymous) blogger left a nasty (and slightly threatening) comment in reference to a comment I made on a friends blog.  And here I thought we were all entitled to our opinions.  And really, isn’t this supposed to be a nice, supportive place for all of us athletes?

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Body glide.  Seriously, this stuff was made for me!
  2. My mom.  She is my biggest fan…deals with my pre-race nerves and my post-race nostop chatter!
  3. There are only 13 days of school left till the kiddies are out- WOOHOO!!!!!

Quote of the week:  “If the word quit is part of your vocabulary, then the word finish is likely not.”  – B.G. Jett


Scott Coffee 8k Race Report:

Time/Pace- 55:02/11:00

Gender- 281/344

Overall- 715/823

My goals were small going into the race; finish under an hour and with no pain.  I am happy to say I reached both goals!  However, I had said I wanted to come in under 55 if possible, and look how I missed it by 2 seconds!!!!  Now…for those of you new to my blog this year, see last years race report where I missed getting 50 minutes by, you guessed it…2 seconds!!!  It is the curse of two seconds!

At any rate, the race was great.  Ate my usual pb english muffin with coffee and water, got there nice and early and chatted with friends and my uncle pre-race.  I was super nervous (so scared to get hurt) but felt great from the start.  It is a fairly flat course with only three hills (and only one is really a hill) and I told myself I would walk those since I have been advised against running/biking hills for a few weeks still.  Since I know what happens when I don’t listen, I listened.  At mile 2 I was pacing until 10 minute miles which is a little faster than I should be pushing…but I felt great, so while I did slow down, I did not want to slow down too much.  I stopped at every water stop (it was well over 80 degrees and humid) and walked a bit up the mile 4.5 hill.  After that, I only walked a short bit at the start of mile 5 and then again at a hill right before the finish.  As soon as I got to the finish area I sprinted across the line!  I was so happy that I had ran strong, listened to my body and finished pain-free!!!

Michele and I pre-race

Me and my teamates Brian and Michelle

And we’re off!

Strong, happy finish!

With my Uncle Mark and friend/TT teammate Brian, post-race

Overall, I have to say, this was one of the best weeks I have had in a long time…capped off with an awesome race and a fun time out with friends today! 

Week In Review- 5/24-5/30

Week in Review; 5/24-5/30

Monday: Off.  I was so exhausted from Black Bear that even though I actually like and look forward to Monday morning workouts, I switched with Tuesday in exchange for sleeping in!

Tuesday: 4.5 miles on the bike, elliptical and weights (arms and abs).

Wednesday: 1250 meters in the pool.  4×200’s (800 meters), 200 meter kick-sets, 200 meter w/buoy, 50 meter cool-down. First kick-sets post-injury.  No problems 🙂

Thursday: Elliptical and PT.  Really working on core and balance at PT and feeling much stronger!

Friday: 1200 meters in pool.  800 meters timed; 200 meter kick-set; 200 meter w/buoy.  Had a lane all to myself the entire time…ah, the luxury!

Saturday: No actual workout, but I did get into a push-up contest with a guy at the bar.  And I won!  Boo-yah!  (Yes, I did just say boo-ya!)

Sunday: 3.2 miles outside.  Waited until 11am {slapping self on wrist} because I was out until 3am the night before {slaps self again} and it was hot but breezy by the river. 

Weekly High: I am currently on a three-day weekend 🙂 Woo-hoo!!!!!

Weekly Low: Today’s run was supposed to be 4.5 miles.  However, I only ran 3.2 because at one point in my run a group of high school kids started messing with me (there were four boys and three girls) and after I finally yelled for them to stop, one of the girls got in my face.  As she was yelling at me, with her fists clenched, the rest of the group surrounded me.  I finally ran through two of the girls, to a gas station where there was an attendant.  They ran off, but it was some scary stuff.  My pride was hurt because I was surrounded by a bunch of teenagers; but honestly, it was really scary because regardless of their age, they were all bigger than me and they totally out numbered me.  I ended up calling my dad to pick me up and just calling it a day for my run. 

Notes:  As you may have noticed, I am trying out a new format…I get tired of the same thing all the time.  Plus this looks a bit more organized.  Whatta ya think?

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. My freedom.  Thank you to those who have or are currently serving
  2. Sunshine…just spent 5 hours sitting on a deck in the sun and it was wonderful!!!
  3. The ability to run again…I missed it so much!

Quote of the week:  You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you are going to go to bed every night with satisfaction.

Week In Review- Eh, Kinda.

Welcome to the quickest Week in Review ever.  After a fun (but long and exhausting) weekend up at the Poconos for Black Bear, I am exhausted!

Running:  3.8 miles Sunday with my friend Kate.  Best post-injury run @ 10:45 pace AND that was after my swim + long day today 🙂

Swimming: 1 hour 22 minutes total for 3950 meters.  1400 meters Monday.  1000 meters Wednesday.  1550 Sunday @ Black Bear Tri.

Other stuff: 10 minutes on Eliptical, two 1 hour sessions at PT, a one mile walk and ab work.

Quote of the week:  “At the end of the day, whether the race was a good one or a bad one, I am still a triathlete.  I am still doing something that much of the world is not.”  (Personal Quote; said after a very cold, very tough, 1550 meter swim at Black Bear!)

Race report coming soon 🙂

Week In Review- 5/10-5/16

Week in Review; 5/10-5/16

Swimming- 1 hour and 50 minutes and 4800 meters total.  Monday–  warm-up- 100 meters, 1200 meters timed,  200 meter buoy drill, cool-down- 100 meters. Tuesday– warm-up- 100 meters, 1500 meters timed, cool-down- 100 meters.  Sunday– 1500 meters timed in wetsuit.  All three swims were really good; I love love love my wetsuit!!!  I cut 2.5 minutes off my timed 1500 when I was in my wetsuit.  I am so ready for next weekend…bring on Black Bear!!!

Biking- 5.6 on the spin bike Friday.  Feels AMAZING even though I have to stay in first the entire time, and take it slow.  Only a week or so more until I can get back to spin class 🙂

Running- 2.5miles on Wednesday.  Ran/jogged at PT.  Kept it at a 12:40 pace and felt good.  My right shin is acting up so my PT has been taping me and it definitely gives it relief.  This run gave me the confidence to go for my 5K.   3.1 miles on Sunday.  First race post-injury and I was loving it!  My hip felt great the whole time.  Right shin unhappy after about 2.5 miles and had to walk quite a bit but I still managed an 11:20 pace!  To say I am beyond thrilled is an understatement.  Ten weeks ago I was on crutches and they had no idea when I would run again…and today, I  finished a 5K in 35:05!!!!

Strength training- 2 hours PT Tuesday and Wednesday

Cross Training- 15 minutes on Friday.  Just a slow warm-up before getting on the spin bike.

Abs Challenge- My PT is super focus on my core, therefore my abs are taking a beating!  I am rocking this challenge!

Weekly High: This was a great week for fitness!   This is the best week I have had in a long time.  I am thrilled with my progress 🙂

Weekly Low: No low this week 🙂  Has that ever happened??!?!?!?!?

Notes:  Somebody remind me of this post the next time I have a whine-fest on my blog!!!

Life: The ironic thing about running a 5k today is this:  on this weekend in 2008, I ran my first 5k and on this weekend in 2009, I ran my first half-marathon.  Running this 5k today is sort of symbolic to the continuation of my journey.  And because of that, I wore my half-marathon t-shirt from last year, today.  Here is a pre-race photo:

And back in the car after:

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. All of the people who have spent time making me a better person 🙂
  2. Running in the sun- it was beautiful out today, perfect running weather!
  3. Body Glide- newest reason I love this stuff…works great to help get my wetsuit on/off!

Quote of the week:  “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” — Muhammad Ali

Week In Review- 5/3-5/9

Week in Review; 5/3-5/9 

My week was pretty lame as far as workouts are concerned.  I wasn’t allowed to do running or biking until today; I didn’t want to push the run, so I didn’t do too much and it was WAY too windy out to bike.  So basically my week consisted of swimming and PT.  Not really enough for a full review but here are some stats:

Swimming- 1 hour and 5 minutes and 2800 meters total.  Wednesday 200 meter warm-up, 4×200’s timed, 200 meter cool-down.  Friday 100 meter warm-up, timed 800/timed 400/timed 200, 100 meter cool-down.  I see a huge different in my swimming from last year to this year.  My hard work in this area is definitely paying off!

Running- I did a quick (but slow) 1.3 miles (11:35 pace).  Hardly what I had hoped to be running at this point.  My hip felt fine but my shins were screaming.  I am hoping it is just shin splints from having not run much but of course I am afraid of a stress fracture because I am all paranoid of injury!

After an injury, are you paranoid?  How do you get through it?

Even though my week was boring in terms of working out, I had some fun things going on that were not boring.  Here are a few photos from the past week:

Phillies Game- 5/5; they WON 🙂

Love this place!

Werth ♥

There he is 🙂

Kate and I at the game

My friend/co-worker Lisa’s work bridal shower- 5/7

Me and the Bride-to-be

Co-worker friends 🙂

Lisa with all the stuff we made her wear!


And two funnies for you:

  My cousin/godson Sam turned this Earth Day paper in……this totally went around the staff room first!!

Nice boombox guy! Reppin the 80’s and apparently hasn’t yet heard of the IPOD…

…in fact, I think he missed the whole Walkman phenomenon too!

And of course…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

Mommy and I- Summer 1982

Mommy and I- Mother’s Day 2010

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend~ Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies!  And to those of you who do not have it easy with this holiday, for whatever reason, you are in my heart and I am thinking about you. ♥

Week In Review- 4/19-4/25

Week in Review; 4/19-4/25


Running- 2.3 miles @ 13:03 pace Saturday.  Good run…did more running than walking, a step in the right direction.  Hoping to run 2.5 this week under thirteen minute pace. 

Biking- 8.3 miles on the stationary bike Saturday.  Still not allowed to do any spinning.

 Swimming- 1 hour 45 minutes total.  All morning swims.  Monday 40 minutes and Wednesday 30 minutes both with pull buoy for entire swim.  Friday 35 minutes; warm up with buoy, 800 meters timed and a cool down.  All things considered, I did really well with the timed 800.  It is not a time I would ever be happy with, but give the circumstance, it is a good base for me to work up from.

Strength training- 2 hours PT and an additional 20 minutes on arms.

Abs challenge-  300 or so…another lame week.  When I wasn’t training, I was totally on top of this…I must find a way to fit it back in!!!

Cross training- Does Spring cleaning count???  Cause I found muscles I didn’t even know I had and they are sore!!!

Weekly High: I am really proud of the time I spent in the pool!  And my workout Saturday was awesome…I love days at the gym when I don’t feel rushed by the clock and I can just workout!

Weekly Low: My job situation. 


  • I officially decided against Broad Street.  Done deal.  Another race…another DNS.  That total is now three. 😦
  • The truth is, I am not even ready for a 5k at this point.  I am looking towards a 5k  in the middle of May and a 5-miler the first week in June.  Then come July, I will begin training for the September half.

Life: Don’t even get me started. It was a bad week!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Co-workers who are also friends.  ♥
  2. Healthy lungs.  Tomorrow will be 15 months without a single cigarette!!!
  3. Time to heal…met up last week with a friend who I had a falling out with a few years ago; we made up a while ago but it was ackward a little.  This time it was nice to hang out like old times again.

Quote of the week: “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

Week In Review- 4/12-4/18

Week in Review; 4/12-4/18


Running- 2 miles on Tuesday.  First outside run (walk/jog more like it) since the half in February.  Going to take some getting used to again, going from treadmill to outside, but it feels great to be back!  Wanted to go for a jog tonight but my stomach and I are not getting along so I have spent most of the evening in bed!

Biking- 3 miles on stationary bike for warm-up.  Planned a bike ride today but see above about my stomach!

 Swimming- 1 hour total.  Monday– 20 minutes with pull buoy and 15 minutes free swim.  Thursday– all 30 minutes with the buoy.  I am focusing much more on strength and endurance right now and will focus more on speed in the upcoming weeks.

Strength training- nothing outside of my 2 hours PT this week.

Abs challenge- This has been my worst week of abs since I started back in January.  Big time slacker, only did 250 this week!

Cross training- 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I still think it is boring but I know it is helping me stay strong while I recover.

Weekly High: Outside run!  Woo-Hoo

Weekly Low: I missed the RU half today.  It was the race I was most looking forward too.  It was supposed to be my PR race.  I was still going to go watch my teammates but I had so much going on today and was all upset last night about not being able to run it, that I decided it would be better to stay home.  I am seriously bummed.  This injury has only gotten the best of me twice…and this was one of those times.  I am truly sad to have missed it.


  • I am still going back and forth about Broad Street.  I hate to miss another race, but I feel like I am going to be frustrated the entire time if I walk/jog it.  I know this is lame, but I feel like because people do not know I am recovering from an injury, they will assume I am slow.  I KNOW THIS IS LAME and I do not judge slower people and most people do not judge slower people and that this is all in my head, but still.  Runners…I know you understand!!!

Life: Today was the bridal shower for my soon to be cousin-in-law Nancy.  I love Nancy.  She has been with my cousin for quite a few years and is already part of my family.  Here are some photos:

The venue

The cake

The bride to be!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. I don’t love going to Pysical Thereapy, and I don’t love being there, but it is making me stronger.  I have a great team who are working very hard to get me back in shape and safely recovered.  I am thankful, that while I might bitch about it, they work hard with me every time I am there.
  2. I feel lucky to have parents, that after 33 years, still love each other. 
  3. After watching three consecutive episodes of 16 and Pregnant, I am grateful that I was never a teen mom.

Quote of the week: Within each of us is a hidden store of energy. Energy we can release to compete in the marathon of life. Within each of us is a hidden store of courage. Courage to give us the strength to face any challenge. Within each of us is a hidden store of determination. Determination to keep us in the race when all seems lost.   (Perfect for runners or what?!?  Thought it was good for those running Boston tomorrow too!)

Week In Review!!!!!!

Welcome new readers~ I have been doing a Week In Review since I started my blog, but because I was injured over the last six weeks I was unable to do it because well…I had nothing to review!  Even though I really didn’t do much this week, it is a lot more than I have been able to do over the last two months.  And I am so excited to ACTUALLY have a week to review!!!!  Yeah!

Week In Review; 4/5-4/11


Running- Uh, yeah…no.  But I did walk 5.5 miles total miles with some jogging mixed in 🙂

Biking- The only biking I did this week was at PT; two times both for 10 minutes which came to about 2 miles each time.

Swimming- Got in the pool twice this week.  Did 30 minutes each session of laps with no kicking.  Awesome arm workout!  Felt great to be back in the pool!

Strength Training- I am kicking butt in this area…doing an hour 2x a week at PT for my hip/legs/glutes and on my own I put in almost an hour of arm/chest work.

Cross Training- Little elliptical for about 15 minutes to warm up but that’s it for the week.

Abs Challenge- Every day….seriously.  Now where the f is my six pack???

Weekly High: Spring Break!!!!

Weekly Low: I ate/drank like it was Spring break!


  • The training doesn’t look like a whole lot, especially in comparison to my training this time last year.  But I know I have to be patient with myself as I continue to get better.  And when I think about the fact that just six weeks ago I was on crutches, I feel really good about how far I have come and how much I am doing these days!
  • MRI results tomorrow!!!!!!!

Life: I am 99% sure I am going to walk/jog Broad Street.  I know I can control myself from running because not controlling myself is what got me here in the first place.  So if the weather is nice, I am pretty sure I will be out there.  Thanks for all the advice!!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Springtime- we had a little surge of summer this week with 90* weather but I really do love Spring so I am happy to be in the low 70’s with sun for a while.
  2. Friends- I am always grateful for friends, but especially this week because I got to catch up with so many people over Spring Break.  During the week it is tough to find time and weekends are always so busy for everyone…a break is a great time for catching up and reconnecting!
  3. My job– I am thankful to have a job even if it isn’t something I love doing.  NJ is really being hit hard with unemployment in public schools and I know I am lucky to still be working.  Of course I would love to stay on Spring Break forever…and get paid 🙂

Quote of the week: “We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.”

Hips Don’t Lie

There will not be a full week in review this week.  A- this has not been a week I would like to review; there were way more downs than up, and B- there is not much working-out to review. 

I did manage to get some ab work and lifting in (arms) plus two runs.  First run was Thursday night and it was okay at best.  My hip was not cooperating at all and it was mostly just a fast walk.  I also went for a run today; it was Casey’s Virtual marathon relay and I took on one 5.2 mile leg.  I ended up doing a full 6 miles but it wasn’t a great run.  Actually, it sucked.  So I contributed a super slow time to the relay (sorry!) AND on top of it, I forgot to take a photo for .30 second time deduction. 

So about my hip…I am letting it win.  I give in.  Shakira was rightl Hips don’t lie.  And mine is pissed off!  I am going to do my running miles on the elliptical this week and give my hip a break.  I am not interested in making a bad thing worse and risking missing a race down the line.  I see the Chiro for ART Tuesday, and again Friday…hopefully that, plus a week of rest will help. 

Oh, and back to swimming tomorrow morning 🙂  Can’t wait to get in the pool!!!

I know, short post!  But, I have a few really good ones in the vault that I am working on 🙂