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100 MORE things about OneLittleTriGirl

It has been almost 4 years since I wrote my original 100 things.  Thought it was time for an update!

1. I am 31 years, 9 months and 16 days old as of this post.

2. When I started blogging I was a little worried about posting my real name and photos.   Blogging has changed a lot since I started.

3. My daily alarm is set for 5:02am.  I only set my alarms with numbers ending in 2 or 7.  I have no idea why I do this but I am completely OCD about it.

4. Changing jobs was the scariest thing I ever did.  I gave up tenure in the public school system to go into the independent school system.  It was the best move I ever made.  Ever.

5. The day I settled on my house is one of the proudest days of my life.

6. I don’t even communicate with some of the people I first blogged with and that makes me sad sometimes.  I feel like we all started together but then at some point, grew apart.

7. I have planned out my funeral in my head.  I think about it more than I should.  Trust me, I know it’s creepy.

8. Words and actions against me, hurt me so much more than people would ever think because I hide it that well.

9. I really want to get into wearing more accessories, but I aware enough to know I suck at accessorizing.

10. I have thought about getting liposuction on my thighs for well over 20 years.  I think about it at least once a day but know I will never be able to justify the expense and therefore will never actually do it.

11. I only started drinking beer about two years ago.  I hate IPA’s or anything too hoppy but I like Stout’s.  From what I hear, this is weird.

12. If I could change anything about my appearance, it would be my height.  I am incredibly insecure about being short; this is made worse by how often people comment on or joke about my height.

13. I have always been too much of a realist to really have big dreams.

14. I remember everything.  Every detail of everything.  Most people think this is a cool gift. I think it is evil punishment.  I would move on faster from things if I were able to forget them a bit easier.

15. When I was little…well into my teen years, my dad called me bird.  It started because I only ate about three different foods and would pick at everything.

16. I am 110% tone deaf.  Can. Not. Sing. One. Note.

17. When I get an email or text, I try to reply immediately.  When someone doesn’t reply immediately to me, I assume they are mad at me.

18. I have a legit, real fear, of never becoming a mom.

19. I am never bored when I have nothing to do…instead, I am thankful.

20. In it’s natural state, my jaw doesn’t close…so unless I am trying, none of my top teeth touch my bottom teeth.

21. I think Alzheimer’s is the devil.

22. I am currently working on a book.  I don’t know if I will ever have the guts to publish it.

23. My favorite books to read are autobiographies.

24. For someone my age, I have lost way too many friends.  I cannot help but to be angry about that fact.

25. I use exclamation points excessively.

26. I went to public school k-8 and Catholic 9-12.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

27. I love where I work, but not what I do.  Following your dreams is hard when you financially depend on yourself.  See #13.

28. I really think I would be awesome on Survivor.  I would make people laugh, do well in challenges and be friends with everyone because I hate confrontation.  Additionally, I would rub some people just enough the wrong way that they would be inclined to take me to the end because they would think it’d make for an easy win.

29. I hate the sound a bag makes when it opens.  I have avoided movie theaters for over seven years because of it.

30. I watched Cape Fear at age 10 and still think it is the most horrifying movie of all time.

31. I watched Candyman at age 13 and it is a close second to Cape Fear.

32. I hate clutter but I am not naturally organized.  I have to work at it every day.

33. I love the money I make waitressing, but I would give anything to only have one job.  I feel burnt out on an almost daily basis and often feel frustrated.  I fear I will always have to work two jobs.

34.  There are certain movies I can watch over and over and not ever get sick of.

35. I hate when people end sentences in prepositions but I do it all the time!

36. I really want to live in the city but at the end of the day my desire to have a parking spot will always win.

37. I love words.  Except for the words moist and loin.  I hate those words.

38. Generally speaking, I love to talk.  However, I hate talking on the phone.

39. I watch the morning and evening news and read three different newspapers.  Daily.

40. I have always wanted to learn guitar.

41. I love sports, camping and in general I follow more of the “boys” way of life.  But at the end of the day, I AM still a girl and like make-up, good hair days and being treated like a lady.  It is amazing how often that is forgotten.

42. I enjoy debate but I hate confrontation!

43.. I used to be very take it or leave it about marriage.  As I have gotten older, I have realized it is something I very much want in my life.

44. I do not like PB&J sandwiches.

45. I really like doing my nails; it makes me feel pretty.  People always ask me if they are real and I take that as a compliment.

46. I am really smart but sometimes I feel intensely stupid.

47. Yes, I live alone.  Yes, I have two cats. I laugh it off, but I really hate when people call me a cat lady.

48. If I am out somewhere, not having a good time, I get antsy.  I’ll either find a way to entertain myself or I’ll just leave.

49. I used to be fascinated with the idea of snorting coke.  I knew I would never be able to afford the habit and I was too afraid of jail to steal, so I just never tried it in the first place.

50. I do not know how to whistle.

51. I swore I would never go back to Disney.  I went last year and now I cannot wait to go back.  I am stunned by how different it is to see it as an adult.

52. I still don’t think I’ll ever take my kids to Disney.  I still stand by my convictions that it is way overpriced and I would rather take my kids to exotic places.

53. I almost never miss R2, but even when I do, it is always because I miss an activity we did and never because I actually miss him.

54. I daydream (every single day) about changing my life.  Logic wins every time because risking everything isn’t smart when I only have myself to depend on. See #27

55. I only write in black pen.  I hate blue pen.

56. I am fascinated by serial killers.  One of my favorite assignments was in my senior Pysch class when we had to do a profile paper on a serial killer.

57. I love to cook, but hate cooking for one.

58. I want to start a side business making cupcakes but I feel like I already know too many people who do that and I wouldn’t be as good.

59. If I ever had my own business, it would be in event planning.  I absolutely love planning parties and I know I am good at it.

60. I only like to sit on the beach if I have a book to read.  Otherwise I get antsy.  See #48.

61. I think the 7.99 mascara from Mabeyline is the best out there.  I have tried stuff much more expensive and don’t like it half as much.

62. I’ll also take 2.99 Wet & Wild nail polish over OPI or ESSIE any day.  Lasts so much longer!

63. When I think of my childhood, one of the things I remember most is how much my parents played with me.  They really interacted with me…whether it was coloring, playing a game in the car or just throwing a ball outside.  Too many parents rely on electronics these days to entertain these kids and it really disturbs me.

64. I felt like a total badass when I was twelve and I bought the Dookie CD because it had a parental advisory sticker on it.

65. My parents used to throw Murder Mystery parties when I was little and I always thought they would be so much fun to attend when I was older.  When I was older, they stopped throwing them.

66. I do not like milk.  I use it in cereal but only the smallest amount.

67. In my middle school Science class, my teacher had a Demon List.  There were 25 rules and if you broke one you were on the list.  If you broke two in the same week, you had a detention.  In detention you wrote from the encyclopedia.  I was so awesome at getting on this list that by the end of 8th grade, I wrote all the volumes!

68. I have never cheated on a boyfriend ever.  I am extremely proud of this fact.

69. Sometimes if my cats have been sleeping in the same position for a long time, I wake them up to make sure they aren’t dead.

70. I could have lived at home forever.  Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to be independent.

71. The war on drugs is very personal to me.  When I hear people say people on drugs deserve what they get, I could spit venom.  Anyone who thinks addiction is not a disease is sadly and sorely mistaken and I hope they never have to experience it first or second hand.

72. I love scrapbooking but never make time for it because I hate cleaning up the mess.

73. I am constantly looking around my house and imagining all the things I would do if I had the money.

74. When I was in Mexico, I didn’t watch a second of TV or spend a second on the internet.  Also, I turned my phone off.  Three whole days like that and I loved it!

75. I once got half-way to work before realizing I forgot my bra.  Now I obsessively check on the ride to work to make sure I have one on!

76. I always correct people when they said they dye their hair.  You dye Easter eggs; you color hair.

77. The only thing I ate the day I had my appendix out was Frosted Flakes.  I was six.  I never ate them again.

78. I miss having film developed.  The whole thing about sending it out and not being entirely sure of what you would get back was exciting and I miss it.

79. I am never without hand lotion.

80. I don’t tweet, I don’t have an Instagram, I don’t snapchat and I don’t DVR.

81. I miss having time to spend at bookstores.  I miss having time to read in general.

82. I love purses and shoes but absolutely cannot justify the money.  I have had the same purse for over 3 years and I buy one or two pairs of shoes at a time and wear them until they fall apart.

83. I keep a glass or bottle of water on my nightstand at all times.

84. I have no problem washing clothes, but my disdain for folding is immense.  Usually, clothes stay in the dryer until I want to wear them again.

85. If I could only pick one condiment to eat for the rest of my life, it would be ranch dressing.

86. I am loyal to people to a fault.  Yes, I do consider it a fault.  I have been hurt too much to have my mind changed at this point, yet, I continue to be loyal.

87. I love ice cream, but I know better than to keep it in the house and I am too lazy to go get it when the mood strikes, so I actually don’t eat it that often.

88. I have loved getting to know my parents as an adult.  I feel very fortunate for having that as many of my friends lost their parent(s) young.

89. I spend a good portion of my day feeling unappreciated.  Mostly because the work I do is pretty thankless.

90. I legit cannot go to Target for “just one thing” ever!

91. If I cannot think of how to spell a word, I’ll change the word I am using.

92. I would be a lot nicer to people when I am calling for help if I didn’t have to press six million numbers before getting a human being!

93. Even if I were dead broke, I would save pennies to get waxed and have my hair done.

94.  #93 is the reason I went to cosmetology school.  I like doing hair and at the end of the day will always have a fall back because women will always get their hair done.  Always.

95. I dislike anything with nougat.  I also dislike the word nougat which probably attributes to me not wanting to eat it.

96. I think my doctor should take my blood pressure before I come into the office, because every time I have to deal with their office their stupidity raises my blood pressure.

97. I’m glad I went to school before the technology era.  I thank God every day we didn’t have Facebook when I was in school.

98. I like bananas but I do not like anything banana flavored.

99. I absolutely love dining out and I love trying new places!

100. I am terrified that I will never be content.

…I really like reading 100 things about other people.  Hint, hint…hint 🙂

2 thoughts on “100 MORE things about OneLittleTriGirl

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  2. Love this list! I guess I have to go back and read the original 100 things list. One day maybe I’ll be brave enough to write my own… if I can even come up with 100 things! LOL

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