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100 Things

I finally got around to doing (what seems to be) the obligatory 100 things for my blog.  They are as random as I am, in absolutely no defined order.   I found this to be fairly difficult; I consider myself a pretty random person but I really tried to list my most interesting information.

1. I am 28 years and 6 days old as of today.

2. I still don’t think I have experienced the “best years of my life”.

3. I work in a middle school.  Sometimes working here makes me feel like I am still IN middle school.

4. I played softball all the way from T-Ball through High School.

5. I coach my schools softball team.  Sometimes, it is my saving grace.  When it comes time to move on from this job, coaching softball is what I will miss most.

6. I will not write any more about my job because, as much as I hate to, I have to censor myself.

7. I often worry about school shootings.  People think I am crazy.  I think they are complacent.

8. I lived in the same town for 25 years.  Then within a span of 27 months I lived in two more towns.

9. Part of me never wants to leave New Jersey and the other part of me wants to run as far as I can away from this place.  If I could live anywhere I would choose North Carolina.

10. Wildwood has my heart.  I feel very fortunate, that as a kid, I got to spend time at the shore every summer.  If I ever leave Jersey, it is one of the things I will miss most.

11. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say they have your back but then all they do is talk behind it.

12. You don’t have to like me, just don’t pretend you do.

13. If I had it my way I would wear boxer shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops almost everyday.  I say almost because every now and then it is fun to get super dressed up.

14. The only make up I need in my life is foundation, eyeliner and lip-gloss.

15. I used to not leave the house without mascara, but then I got obsessive about it and had to stop.  By obsessive, I mean seriously.  As in, I was separating my eyelashes with a safety pin because I couldn’t stand the clumps.

16. I hate (read: despise) drama, but somehow always manage to find my way in the middle of it.

17. I have heard that people think I am fake but I think the problem is that I am so real people cant handle it.

18. I only have a few close friends. This may say very little about me, but it says everything about them.

19. I don’t really like the dating process.  All my life I have either been in serious relationships or single. 

20. I have had my heart broken by two guys but the worst heartbreaks in my life were from friends I thought I could count on, but couldn’t. 

21. My two most serious relationships can be summed up by the line “had she ever understood Ashley, she would never have loved him; had she ever understood Rhett, she would never have lost him” from Gone with the Wind.

 22. I do not like cheesy girl movies.  The exceptions are “A Walk to Remember”, “Beaches”, “Terms of Endearment” and “Steel Magnolias”.

23. I attended 9 years of public school and 4 years of catholic school.  I LOVED wearing a uniform.

 24. With the exception of a few rare moments, I hated high school.  Anyone who says High School is the best four years of your life is full of crap.  I have had WAY better four year periods of time in my life.

 25. I am obsessed with court tv, msnbc and all real life crime  shows.   If I could do my life over I would have gone into forensics.

26. I am graduating with my B.A in English; however I hardly ever use proper grammar/punctuation in internet life.

27. I use a ridiculous amount of commas; my HS English teacher used to tell me I had comma hiccups.

28. I often think about freelancing but don’t know how to get started. 

29. I would LOVE to write for a magazine; preferably a Health, Fitness or Travel Magazine but nothing would be cooler to me than writing for South Jersey Magazine.

30. I went to college, left, went back, left again and went back again.  I never use the words dropped out.

31. Since I have been back it has taken forever because I can only attend classes at night, but I will finally graduate spring 2010.  My plan was to get my Masters, and I am currently a dual-program student, but I am starting to think going for my Masters will do nothing but drive me insane. 

32. I heard someone say once “when people ask themselves ‘how did I get here’ they need to accept that they drove themselves.   If they don’t like where they are, they need to drive themselves somewhere new” and I share and believe in this sentiment with my whole heart.

33. I am in no hurry to have children, although I do want to be a mom someday.

 34. I will never get married just to have children.  But, if I never get married, I will still have children.

 35. I have had my future first daughters name picked out since I was seven.

36. I would like to have girls but I honestly think I would be a better mom to boys.

37. I was a smoker for @ 12 years.  I tried to quit many times, but it was always for somebody.  The last time I quit, it was for me and I haven’t smoked since. I believe in my heart I will never smoke again.

38. Running and participating in Triathlon keeps me honest about not smoking because I can’t do both.

39. I am a licensed cosmetologist.  I do not work in a salon but I cut hair out of my home.

40. Brand names do not impress me. Neither does the size of your house. Or the type of car you drive.  I am impressed by everyday heroes and people who can run under an 8-minute mile.

41. When I was in high school/college I watched 90210, Dawson’s Creek and Felicity religiously.  I stopped following popular TV a few years ago. 

42. TV networks were stupid for letting go of My So-Called Life, American Dreams and Arrested Development. For a while, every show I started to get into was cancelled.

43. The only shows I consistently watch now are Amazing Race and Cold Case.   Otherwise, my TV is almost always on ESPN or Comcast SportsNet.

44. I only indulge in trashy reality TV when I am home sick or there is absolutely nothing else on.  I once stayed in bed and watched 3 seasons of America’s Next Top Model.  I cannot believe I just admitted that.

45. I love going to Broadway shows with my mom. I have seen Phantom of the Opera three times. Miss Saigon is my favorite.  Chorus Line follows a close second.  I have been waiting forever to see Rent.

46. The only professional sport I watch regularly is baseball.  I love me some Phillies ❤

47. I love college sports.   Basketball is my favorites.  I am a HUGE UNC Tarheel fan.  Do not attempt to stump me with UNC trivia.

48. I so badly want to see a basketball game at the Dean Smith Stadium with my Dad.

49. My parents are the only two people I count on for everything. They are the only people who have always been there unconditionally.

50. They have always walked a well balanced line between being my parents and being my friend. 

51. For someone who is not very emotional, I can easily tear up when talking about how much I love my mom and dad.  I worry how I will ever exist without them.

52. I am allergic to raw tomatoes.  I can eat spaghetti sauce and ketchup but I don’t love either of them.

53. I really want to put an end to homelessness.  I think that it is beyond ridiculous that we live in a world where some people own many houses and cars, while others sleep on heating grates in the middle of the sidewalk.

54. I am running the PDR this September for the Back on my Feet charity.

55. I spent time in Kentucky when I was 17 helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

56. I have only been to the movies a handful of times in the last three years.  Everything about going to the movies, from the price…to the noise, makes me want to scream the entire time.

57. I think NetFlix is genius.

58. I feel completely out of touch with my generation.  I get along much better with people ten years older than me, than I do with people my own age.  Sometimes I think I am 40 stuck in my 28 year old body. 

59. I don’t drink often but I love a good martini.  If I am out at a bar I will almost always order a cosmopolitan.   I also love Riesling wine.   I do not like beer. At all.

60. Growing up I had three dogs.  I don’t remember much about Bandit but I still miss Sandy and Tessa terribly.  I didn’t want to go with my parents when they put Sandy down in 1999. I regret that decision horribly.  When we had to put Tessa down in 2007, they waited a half-hour for me to get there because they knew I needed to be there that time.

61. I have a cat, Addison, but he doesn’t live with me.  I feel like a horrible person for sending him to live with my cousin but I know that it is the best decision.  He is a very happy cat.

62. I lived the first 18 years of my life without a cell phone or a computer, and now, I feel like a slave to both of them.

63. I am still amazed by the digital camera. The whole take a picture and see it right away thing blows my mind.

64. I went to Aruba in May of 2007.  I think that was the last time I truly relaxed.

65. I have what I like to call “cleaning ADD”; I’ll start in one room but then have to put something away in another room and then clean in their until I have to put something in another room…you get the idea.  In the end, nothing is clean.

66. Until I decided to do a Triathlon, I hated to run. I never (ever ever ever) thought I would be someone who loved running.  But I do.  I love it. 

67. I would rather buy clothes for working out, running and tri’s then for every day life or work.

68. I have problems justifying spending money on myself, but I love to buy things for other people.

69. I come off as an extrovert because I am outgoing and social, but I consider myself more introverted because I actually have a lot of social anxiety and would prefer to be alone or in small groups.

70. Except for the fact that I just told you, you would never know I had social anxiety.  I hide it exceptionally well.

71. For one summer when I was 18/19 I lived right off A1A (yes, beach front avenue) in Ft. Lauderdale.  That was one of the toughest summers of my life but I would do it over again in a second.

72. I only have two regrets and neither has to do with a boy or a friendship.

73. I have sky-dived and bungee jumped but I am petrified of heights. 

74. I wear glasses and have no desire to get contacts.  The whole touching the eye thing really freaks me out.

75. I will put up with a lot of crap and it takes a lot to break me…but once I break, you are out of my life.   I hold serious grudges. 

76. One of my closest friends died in August 2000.  My entire life has seen been broken down between “before Jimmy died” and “after Jimmy died”.  In almost 9 years there hasn’t been a day that has passed that I haven’t thought of him in some way.

77. I never understood why you needed a license to fish, but not to have children.

78. I like pretty much all music.  I listen to everything from oldies to country to hip-hop.

79. I really love cooking but it is so hard to cook for one person that I don’t do it often.

80. One of the best things my mom ever taught me was how to manage money.  One of the things I am most proud of is my ability to keep my finances in order despite a low paid job, paying for school and having some debt.    

81. I had my appendix out when I was six.  I ate frosted flakes that morning for breakfast.  I haven’t eaten them since.

82. I have very little artistic ability but I love to paint.  I also love to color.  I find both to be very cathartic.

83. I have a naturally loud voice.  People always think I am yelling. Until they hear me actually yell.

84. I recently witnessed a lady drive her car into a house.  Now every time I see a car swerve I get nervous.  I hate being a nervous driver.

85. Of all the people who dislike me for whatever reason, there is only one person whose forgiveness I wish I had.  I don’t think I will ever get it, but I still hold out a small piece of hope, because you just never know.

86. I don’t understand why anyone would want to live until 100.  I would never want to outlive everyone I love. 

87. I would like to write my own obituary.  I would also like to have an invite only viewing.  I am not kidding about either.

88. The only cereals I really like are Kashi Go Lean and Cheerios.  I like it best when they are mixed. 

89. I only drink milk in cereal.  And it has to be skim.

90. I also do not like regular chocolate. Dark chocolate however is a serious addiction.

91. Despite the fact that I don’t like chocolate or milk, I LOVE chocolate milk 

92. I read the newspaper and watch the news everyday.  I don’t understand how people can live without knowing what is going on in the world.

93. Most of the time I would prefer to cut myself off from the world and stay in bed, however my Type-A do-it-all personality wont allow for it.

94. I used to be scared of planes because in elementary school my principal was killed in a plane crash.

95. The first time I flew I was 15.  I traveled to Italy and England before I was 18.

96. I only learned how to ride a bike last year.  I used to hate it but now that I am comfortable on it, I actually really like it.

97. I want to go to Kona…never to race, just to watch.

98. My teammates have no idea how much they inspire me.  I am so very grateful for their support and friendships.

99. I was 7lbs 7oz on 7/9 at 7:11pm.  Pretty cool if you are into numbers.

I really wanted to end this with something profound but nothing seems “right” so I’ll end it with this:

 100. It took me two weeks to complete this list.

7 thoughts on “100 Things About OneLittleTriGirl

  1. Holy crap! Okay, while we’re not identical, I have to comment on a few of these.

    7. I often worry about school shootings. People think I am crazy. I think they are complacent. *** I do too! I work in an administration building at Rutgers and you never know how students react to certain situations. There are also a few “unsettled” professors that have me a little worried.

    9. Part of me never wants to leave New Jersey and the other part of me wants to run as far as I can away from this place. If I could live anywhere I would choose North Carolina. *** I’ve lived in NJ for over 24 years. I love how this state has a little bit of everything, but I’d really like to learn the ins and outs of another town in another state.

    15. I used to not leave the house without mascara, but then I got obsessive about it and had to stop. By obsessive, I mean seriously. As in, I was separating my eyelashes with a safety pin because I couldn’t stand the clumps. *** I do this!! I still need my mascara, but try not to stick safety pins near my eyes.

    42. TV networks were stupid for letting go of My So-Called Life, American Dreams and Arrested Development. For a while, every show I started to get into was cancelled. *** TELL ME ABOUT IT! The DVDs of My So-Called life have been discontinued, so they’re so expensive to buy. One of my college roommates had it and we watched episode after episode.

    65. I have what I like to call “cleaning ADD”; I’ll start in one room but then have to put something away in another room and then clean in their until I have to put something in another room…you get the idea. In the end, nothing is clean. *** This is a sickness I have too! I can never just clean one room, I usually end up all over the apartment with the lights on in every room, taking things off shelves, dusting somewhere else…

    99. I was 7lbs 7oz on 7/9 at 7:11pm. Pretty cool if you are into numbers. *** I love number stuff! My bday is 12/22/82, and there’s a vein in my leg that looks like the number 2.

    Okay, there were a lot more I wanted to include, but I didn’t want my comment to be longer than your post. Also, you did mention you were going to run the PDR! We’ll have to say hi to each other. I’m sure we’ll be in the same vicinity, I’m not very fast. 🙂

  2. Every time I see a saftey pin, I think about you seperating your eyelashes. You don’t know how much that freaked me out, i was always so scared you would poke yourself in the eye

  3. Great post! I enjoyed getting to know you, and as an over-40 gal, sounds like we’re ‘close in age/spirit.’ 🙂 I can REALLY relate to a few of these:

    I found writing my 100 to be a challenge, too.

    I also worry about school shootings. Have been an educator for 15+ yrs, and when I was school-based, I thought about this EVERY SINGLE day, as I arrived on campus.

    I believe a Master’s degree is overrated (and I have one!).

    Having kids may also be overrated – none by choice.

    I agree about homelessness – a huge pet peeve for me!

    Minimal make-up, totally casual clothes, and buying workout clothes: YES!

    NC is amazing! Some family from there, and have spent mucho time there as a kid.

    Loss of a pet: heart-breaking and never goes away…

    Always mixing cereals – so much better! 🙂

    Status symbols – give it a rest, people! Who cares??? Not me.

    Your chocolate issue is ironic and makes me smile… dark choc ROCKS and choc milk is the BEST!

    Congratulations on your impending graduation. That’s awesome!!!

    So glad you found your way to the Turtles blog and will run with us in the Pay it Forward 500 Mile Club this year – as you cover all of your other miles, swimming and biking. Thanks so much for joining us! We’ve got a few ‘tri girls’ on the team!

    Hugs from Orlando!

  4. Great Post – love it. I did a top 10 a few months ago as a “get to know me” and it’s scary how similar a couple of these are. Love your work!!
    Here’s my list:

    1- I have been surfing for 28 years, swimming for 40, playing soccer for 33 and doing triathlons for less than 6 months.

    2- I own my own business and have 4 staff working for me.

    3- I have lost 2 people close to me from suicide – my father (10 years ago) and a good friend (2 years ago) – these 2 events have had a profound effect on the way I live my life.

    4- I do not suffer fools – time is precious, don’t waste mine.

    5- I never intended to get married – until I met Sonia.

    6- We have 2 Papillion puppies.

    7- I have done some things in my life that I’m not proud of and can’t change, but I have learned from them.

    8- I collect coins and banknotes. Does that make me a “geek”

    9- I am loving this blogging and the feeling that writing gives me – even if no one is reading it.

    10- I miss my dad.

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