Just Putting It Out There…

If you have been reading my blog long, you know I have been running/walking/biking to raise money for Back On My Feet, an organization I really love.  I will be running for BOMF at the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 21, 2010.

If you are new to the blog, you can read about how my journey started here.  To read more about Back On My Feet, go here.

I had planned to run/walk 550 miles on the year and bike as much as possible.  Unfortunately, I was injured for part of the year and have not been able to run/walk/bike as many miles as I had anticipated.  More than likely I will not hit my goal of 550 miles, but  I still want to meet my fund-raising goal.  Therefore, I am reaching out to you bloggers- for whatever you can give.  Think of it as donating your morning Starbucks ($5) or perhaps a 12-pack of beer ($10) just once 🙂  Every little bit helps and I appreciate anything you have to give.

If you do not have anything at this time, I completely understand.  Many of you are raising money for your own charities and I understand the state of the economy.  There is no pressure, there will be no give-a-way bribes;  I am simply putting it out there.

You can click the donation link here or it is on my sidebar for those interested 🙂

PiF 500 Mile Update & Summer Race Calendar

PiF 500 Mile Update

What is PiF 500?? Check it out on Robin’s blog!

So as I stated in this post, I have resigned myself to the fact that running 500 miles (much less 650 which was my original goal) this year is not going to happen.  I assessed my running and what I felt like I would be capable of doing and it is not going to equal 500 miles.  The ultimate goal is staying injury free.

However, I am all about making things work.  Therefore, I have decided to count my walking miles.  Here’s the thing…my walking is a direct result of my injury and a large part of my recovery.  Why not count the miles, right??  Miles are miles…and the plus side is, I think it will help me to go out for walks more than I have been lately.  And that makes me totally confident that hitting 500 is possible!

Race Calendar Update

I am so excited to be back racing again after months of being on the DL 🙂  I have a jammed packed summer of racing (or participating, I should say!) and I cannot wait for the fun to begin!  Here’ is where I will be:

July 11- Philly Women’s Tri Fairmont Park, PA 

July 17- 20 in 24 Relay Fairmont Park, PA  (relay with co-workers)

July 25- NJ State Olympic Tri Mercer, NJ  (my FIRST Olympic!)

August 1- Belmar Sprint Tri Belmar, NJ 

August 8- Steelman Olympic Tri, Quakertown, PA (relay with teammates)

August 21- Wildwood Sprint Tri Wildwood, NJ

August 28- Medford Lakes Sprint Tri Medford Lakes, NJ

I know it seems like a lot, and it is in comparison to last year…but all in all, it’s not that much when you consider two of the races are relays.  Furthermore, four of these are comped races, given to me for all the volunteer work I do and I don’t want to pass them up!  


If you are going to be racing/spectating any of the above, please let me know!  I would love to meet you 🙂


PiF Update; Reminders And I’m Back Up And Running!

First of all: Welcome new readers.  I have been reading a lot of great new blogs lately; if I haven’t been by speak up and say hello!

Running Update: So…as you know if you read this post, I got the go ahead to start running again!  Up until last night I was doing my walk/jogging on the treadmill but last night I took it to the pavement!  The last time I did anything outside was the 1/2 marathon in February; the weather has been so nice, it was great to finally be out in the sunshine 🙂  I did 2 miles in a little under 13:00; that is on one hand really tough to swallow because I do not like going that slow, but on the other hand I am so excited to be moving again!  When I remember that seven weeks ago I was on crutches, I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time!

PiF Update: Given that I went 8 weeks without running and have to slowly work my miles back up, I do not think I can stick my original goal of 650 miles for the year.  Therefore, to be more realistic with myself, I am going to set a new goal of 550 miles. 

I have still been diligently donating to my PiF jar for my biking miles and I am looking forward to donating my running miles again.  And of course, my jar got a nice addition when you all donated your miles and my AWESOME friend Brian matched the total.  That was almost $25 total 🙂


  • Boston runners…I am looking for your bib numbers!  Some of us want to stalk follow you on race day and I am compiling a list!
  • If you have a spare two minutes, go here and sign the petition to take the freeze off of Russian adoptions.  Need more info?  See my post from yesterday.

And one last thing…I want to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary!  They have been married 33 years today 🙂  Here they are on their wedding day, 1977!

Yes, I look exactly like my mom. 

Well, that is about it for today bloggies- hope you are having a great Friday! 

Three Things Tuesday And The PiF Total!

Yeah, I know it is Wednesday.  But this is my blog and I make the rules :p

First thing-  ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

I celebrate being Irish every day 🙂 but for those of you who can only wish you were Irish and are celebrating today, I wish you a safe and happy celebration!  Celebrating today is getting me excited for this weekend- Shamrock Race and Celebration.  Well, just the celebration for me, but that’s okay! 

In my Q&A last week, Brian asked me a question that fit right in with my Three Things; he asked: 

If you could wake up tomorrow as any one of the following three, which would you pick and give us three reasons why?  1. A top ten female Pro Triathlete 2. A staff writer for Triathlete mag. or Runner’s World 3. A photographer for Ironman or Runner’s World

 To make this fun, I am going to list the reasons I would want to do all three, then tell you which one I would pick and tell you why the other two just wouldn’t work for me.

1. A top ten female Pro Triathlete- How awesome would this be?!?!  I would get to be sponsored, meet other amazing athletes (woo-hoo Chrissie Wellington and Andy Potts!)  and of course make a lot of money 🙂  Additionally, I could live in Colorado, train all day everyday and travel to world racing all the events I have dreamed of racing.  

2. A staff writer for Triathlete mag. or Runner’s World- This would combine my three favorite things…writing, tri-sports and traveling.  Plus, I would get to meet amazing people along the way.  Picking between magazines would be hard; I would want to write for Triathlete because of the diversity in the sports and plethora of information to write about but writing for Runner’s World would be amazing because I would work with Bart Yasso.  Tough call.

3. A photographer for Ironman or Runner’s World- Again, a job like this would give me such an amazing opportunity to travel and meet awesome athletes.  And I would be front and center at the finish line for all the great races!  And again choosing between the two would be tough; photographing the Ironman races would be great, but also limiting whereas being a photographer for Runner’s World would have much more diversity as far as places to capture.

So which one did I choose??  What do you think?

If you said #2, then you were correct!  Of course being a full-time Pro-Athlete would be awesome, but it really isn’t the kind of life I want for myself.  The opportunities and money would be great but I enjoy racing for fun.  And when it comes down to picking between being a writer and photographer, it really isn’t tough for me to choose.  Although taking photos would be fun I think I would get bored because photography is not a passion for me.  Writing  for a tri, running, fitness type magazine is definitely my dream job. 

Which of the three would you pick given the choice?

Now without further adieu…the PiF total for the week!

Miles Dedicated: 248.6

Money Raised: $12.43

Seriously, thank you to those who took the time to leave a comment dedicating their runs.  It feels great to be raising money for such a good cause and I really appreciate you giving me the motivation!  I will definitely keep all of you who gave the effort in mind when you need a helping hand or donation.  Hopefully I will be back and running within the next two or three weeks.  For now, I must continue to live vicariously through all of you 🙂

Injury Report, Baby Steps, Ab Challenge, The Madness and Random Thoughts

Warning: This post is all over the place!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Daylight Savings!  I know I am happy it is finally here (even if it is messing up my sleep schedule) and that we will be having longer and lighter days!  It has been a rainy mess the last few days but on the positive side…it’s not snow!!!

PiF Update: 166.8 miles confirmed 🙂  What a wonderful thing we are all doing together to help a great cause!  Thanks again for taking the few seconds to come here and dedicate your miles.  And an extra thanks to those shouting it out on your blogs; only 33.2 more miles until I hit my goal of 200 total miles in one week!  Keep ’em coming- it’s on until Wednesday!

Injury Report:  On Friday I was cleared from my crutches.  Woo-Hoo!  And yesterday I went to the gym.  Woo-Hoo times two! 

So here’s the deal- I am cleared to workout very lightly.  Basically stationary bike only right now.  Probably the elliptical by the end of this week and  I should be in the pool by the end of  next week.  As for running, who knows.  Everything really depends on both my follow-up MRI and my progress in PT.  I am following everything to a T; still going to ART three times a week and PT two days a week.  I have seen/felt a remarkable difference, so I know what I am doing is working.  I wouldn’t go as far to say I feel good, because I am still very aware of the pain.  I can say I feel better though because the pain is not as severe nor as constant. 

And about those baby steps…Sunday, I did ten minutes on the stationary bike.  Doesn’t seem like a lot but considering I have nothing but some ab work in the books for March, this is huge.  It is the first step to getting back to my normal workouts.  And even though it was only ten minutes…ten very slow minutes…it was still something.  I also got back to lifting which felt great.  I could have been lifting all along, but there was no way I was going into the gym on crutches because that just would have felt ridiculous.  My total workout was less than 40 minutes but I was just happy to be burning calories again!

Speaking of burning calories, Katie is holding an abs challenge!  This works out great for me as I am doing my own year long challenge- yeah for extra motivation!  I really realllllllllly want a six-pack (I would even settle for a four-pack) by summertime. 

I’ll take these abs please…

Want your abs to be kick ass??  Go check out Katie’s challenge!


In news that has nothing to do with working out but is still sports related…THE MADNESS HAD BEGUN!! 

March Madness is here and I am in love!  My team, the UNC Tarheels, did not bother to show up this season so I am going to be rooting only for the teams that I have in my pool.  And sometimes that is tough because it requires me to root for teams I dislike (Michigan State, Kentucky and Georgetown).  I think it would be great if Villanova won, since they are the home team, but I don’t think they have the size to get very far.  Of course, as always Duke got special treatment (really…ahead of Syracuse…reallllly???) and has the easiest bracket.  Other than Nova, they really don’t have too much competition, so it is a small possibility that Nova could get to the Final Four.  But who knows.  This had been one of the toughest brackets I ever filled out but I am really looking forward to this years tournament because with big teams (UNC, UCONN, UCLA, Memphis) missing this really could be anyone’s year.  I think Kansas is the clear “easy-choice” winner but it won’t be made easy for them.  If they get past Syracuse, I think they have it.  But like I said…it is anyone’s game to win or lose.  And I expect a lot of twists and turns.  And don’t worry about my Tarheels…next year, they will be back.  And by back, I mean back on top!

Do any of you follow NCAA basketball?  If so, do you have a special team?


And before I go, some random thoughts…

Why are there still people without a Road ID???  Last year, a PA woman was killed by a tree; she was not carrying any I.D. and she went unidentified for three days.  She was identified eventually because the news placed a photo of the shirt she was wearing on T.V.  That is how her family found out about her death.  I am sure this is not a singular case, yet still so many people do not have an I.D.  If you are one of those people…please buy a Road ID.  Not tomorrow…not in a week…now.  Don’t wait for another give-a-way.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  There are many different options; you can pick your color, the type you want (ankle, wrist, shoe…etc) and how much info you wish to share.  They start at only $19.99.  Go now.  Buy it. 

Whatever happened to TiaRT? Am I missing something because I used to love and look forward to this every Thursday and it has been MIA since the end of the blogger guest appearances.  If you are interested in what mine was, go here.  Yup, shameless plug!  Anyway, my point is, I miss it and I want it back!

Like I said, this was a random all over the place post!  Thanks to all my readers who are sticking with me while I am injured!  I know non-tri & non-running talk can get boring but hopefully I am keep you plenty entertained with Q&A’s and randomness like this.  And for you who are new to Tri’s, stay tuned for a Swim 101 post with information about beginner swimming and swim training!

All About Me & A PiF Update

When I was told “no working out” and “no running”, I had no idea what I was going to blog about.  Not running is taking a toll on me, and my moods.  I am finding it harder and harder to deal with.  But even just writing about working out, running and tri’s puts a smile on my face.  So thanks to those who came through when I reached out to you all for some questions!  I loved answering them and if you hadn’t noticed, I have been a blogging fool lately! 

Here are the questions that fell in the “all about me” category. Enjoy!

From Julie

1. Who inspired you most growing up? I have been so fortunate to have many inspirations in my life.   But there is one person that stands out amongst the rest and that is my Gram.  My grandmother inspires me to simply be a better person.  And her strength reminds me that I can overcome even the biggest of obstacles.  And her faith, while it may not be the same belief system as my own, has shown me how important it is to believe in something.  I was her first grandchild and I have always felt we share a special bond because of the time we got to spend together before more grandchildren came along.  And there are over twenty of us! 

2. What three words would you use to describe yourself?  Physically- short, blonde, pale.  Non-Physical- dedicated, headstrong, independent.

3. Where would you most like to run…anywhere or any race?  I have no desire to race Kona, but I would love to run down Ali’i drive!

4. Who’s poster did you have on your wall as a teenager? Celebrity crush?  I wasn’t really into the posters as a teenager but as a pre-teen, I was such an NKOTB (New Kids On The Block for you young kids!) fan.   I had posters, pins, sheets, Barbie dolls…you name it, I had it!   As for celebrity crushes, I was all about Luke Perry until Leo DiCaprio came along and stole my heart. 

From Lacey

1. Best advice you’ve ever received?  My mom taught me at a very young age to be financially smart.  I had a savings account before I was out of elementary school and a checkbook before high school.  I was taught how to save and how to pay myself.  On birthdays/graduations, my money would be split between my pocket and the bank.  And when I started working, I would split my paychecks the same way.  To this day, I still pay myself; I enjoy racing, dinners/drinks out and buying myself new things.  But I still keep a decent amount of money in savings as well.  I am smart about money and I owe that to my mom.

2. Nicest compliment you’ve ever gotten? A friend’s mom, who I have become close with since her son who was my close friend passed away, told me once that I was her angel.  She said that my friendship saved her and gave her strength.  To know I meant that much to someone, that I made such a difference just by being there for someone, really made me feel like I was doing something right as a human being.

3. Dream job?  If I could pick anything, I would want to work for a Tri or Running magazine and write about races all over the world.  Then, I would be able to do my two favorite things…travel and write.

From Stacey

1. Are you currently going to school or working full-time? Or both?  I work full-time as an Administrative Assistant in a Middle School.  I am the “Principals Secretary” but I am the only secretary…so basically, I do a little bit (or a  lot a bit) of everything.  For four years, I was the softball coach but because of some political bs that I really can’t talk about, I no longer have the position.  Additionally, I am a student, but not currently enrolled.  This semester brought a lot of heartache and stress (in different facets) and I am taking the semester off.  I am re-enrolled for Fall and I am set to graduate in Spring 2011.

2. What are some of your 5 and 10 year goals?  The first big goal is to buy a house, hopefully in the next two years.  It would also be great if in the next few years I was in a career, as opposed to a job.  I would love to get more traveling in, see more of the world and race in different places.  Eventually I would like to settle down, marry and have kids.  But, if I never marry…I will still have kids.  It is the one thing you can count on…I WILL be a mother one day! 

Lacey and Stacey both asked me this question:

1. If you could live anywhere, where would that be and why?  If money was no object and I could visit home whenever…I would move to London.  But thinking more practically, if I could live anywhere it would be North Carolina.  My father was born there and we are both huge Tarheel fans.  I have visited there many times (a friend of mine went to college and subsequently moved there) and I just feel a connection to the area.  Perhaps once I am more settled with a family, it is something I can more seriously think about.

From Jill

1. What would be your dream event to complete (a specific road race or tri)?  I have both marathon and half-ironman hopes and really think it would be great to finish one, but right now my focus is on the here and now.  I see and read about races all the time that I think “I would love to do that” and write it down…hopefully one day I will get to do them…but right now, I just want to race for fun and stay healthy.  If every race is fun and I stay healthy, well, that IS the dream. 


From Libby

1. What are your ultimate running/tri goals? For running, it is the marathon distance.  I want to do at least one in my lifetime.  For triathlon, it is to complete a half-ironman distance race.  I do not have and have never had the desire to race a full Ironman; I feel that for me, the half distance is a big enough challenge.  I would also love to participate in both an adventure race and an overnight relay race at some point.


From Indi

 1. Are you a spring/summer or fall/winter person? Summmmerrrr lover ❤  I am a flip-flops kinda girl and I love me some spring/summer.  The thing is about NJ; we get all four seasons but spring and fall are so limited, that we only get to enjoy them for what seems like a few days.  It is always either cold, or hot.  And I will take the heat any day over the cold.  I pretty much hate Dec-Feb every year!

 From Kandi

 1. Why do you recommend body glide?  Before I found this gem, I was a chafing mess!  Since I have been using it, I have not had one problem.  Additionally, I put it on my feet and never blister.  It is a cheap (like $10 and lasts forever) way to avoid problems.



And in other news, so far I have 78.7 miles donated to me for a total of $3.93!!!  I am almost half-way to my goal!

If you haven’t yet, please think about dedicating your miles to me.  It is no cost to you, all it takes is a simple comment HERE to let me know and I will donate to my charity 🙂  Seriously, does it get any easier???  For those of you who have run and are running for me, thank you!  It is something so simple that really makes me feel like I am still a part of the running world and keeps me positive!

Will You Help Me Pay It Forward?

Unless you have taken a sabbatical from reading my blog (and why would you do THAT???) you know that I am onelittleinjuredtrigirl these days and therefore I am doing zero running.  Earlier this year, I joined Robin’s Pay It Forward 500++ mile club and committed to donate money for my running and biking miles.  (You can read about it here.)  The thing is, now that I am injured, I am not filling my jar.  And that makes me sad. 

This is where you come in!

Yesterday, when I read that two of my readers, Kandi and Rick were going to dedicate their runs to me, it really brightened my day.  And then I came up with a  brilliant idea!  My bloggies can run my miles for me while I am injured and I can donate money for the dedicated miles.  Inspired right?!?!?

So here’s the way it will work.

  • For every mile of your run that you dedicate to me, I will donate a nickel to my PiF jar.  I will do this for one week; beginning today and ending next Wednesday.  Think about it- for every 100 miles, $5 will be put in the jar!  My goal is $10, so I need 200 miles!
  • I have to know you did it, so make sure you leave me a note to let me know!
  • This is based totally on an honor system…if you tell me you ran the miles, I am going to take your word for it and donate to the jar.  I believe in honesty and karma 🙂 

What are you waiting for…get running!!!!!

This, That, and More Friggen Snow!

Dear Spring…it goes without saying, but I will anyway…GET HERE NOW!  Thanks! With love, Jillian

Guess what happened last night???  It snowed.  Again. Tired of it yet?  I am!

Honestly, I never thought the day would come when a snow day pissed me off but I have had it!  Even the kids at my school are totally over it at this point. 

After two very long posts, my vacation recap here and race recap here, I am in the mood for a list format:

  • A few thank you’s to my commenters: 
    • THANK YOU for all your kind words of sympathy in regard to my grandfathers passing.  He fought the good fight and while I know he is as peace, I already miss him immensely. 
    • THANK YOU for all the tu-tu love!  Morgan and I both felt extreme pride in racing for such an amazing cause.  It seems (sadly) that when it comes to cancer, everyone has a story.  100% of race proceeds were donated; 70% to cutting edge breast cancer research and 30% to the Donna Foundation.
  • I have to give a shout out to all my new readers!  🙂
  • Libby and Suzy,  I have not forgotten your give-a-way prizes.  My chaotic life + the snow = no post office visits this week.  They are coming, I promise!
  • In addition to my grandfather passing away, my mom also broke her foot last weekend.  She is at the dr as we speak so please sent some good thoughts/prayers that she only needs a cast/boot and not surgery!
  • I knew I wouldn’t get my scheduled workouts in with all the viewing and funeral stuff, but now with the snow (yesterday and today) I am still workout’less.  I really, really, really hope my gym is open today.  I need to get a workout in!  The most I have done since last Sunday is some ab work in my living room. 
  • Now that the Donna Half-Marathon is run and done, my focus has switched to the Shamrock Half-Marathon on March 21st in Virginia Beach.  I will be heading down there with two of my friends (was supposed to be three, but unfortunately, my one friend had to back out) and I cannot wait.  I can tell you right now, there will NOT be any tu-tu wearing but that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting in the Irish spirit!
  • Not that it feels like it here, but March is right around the corner which means swim and bike training are going to start soon!  No more slacking on spin class as I have been for the past three months and it is time to get back in the pool!  I am actually looking very forward to the pool and I think it will be good for my hip as well.

PiF 500++ Mile Club Update: I am continuing to put my money away for each mile I run/bike and it is exciting to see the pile grow!  I find myself rounding up as well so there is definitely some extra going in the jar!  My original goal was 650 miles for the year, and while I intend at this point to still hit that number, I know that I might have to re-think it given the hip issue.  So far, I am behind in my miles, but not so far behind that it can’t be made up at this point.  For now, I am going with it and I figure at the six month point I will assess the situation and go from there. 

Are you in the PiF 500 Mile+ club?  If so, how is it going for you?

Hope you have a good weekend!  Good luck to all those racing this weekend 🙂



Three Things Tuesday

PiF 500++ Mile Club: I love this…love it!  If you don’t know about the PiF 500++ club yet, check it out here.  Being a part of this, makes me want to run/bike even more.  And I am already looking forward to all the money I am going to be able to donate at the end of the year.  I decided to give myself another addiction join DailyMile in addition to keeping my records on my other log.  I am going to use DailyMile for running, biking and swimming only, whereas my other log has all my training work-outs.  So, if you are on DailyMile, friend me 🙂  And bear with me while I learn the ropes!

Moving:  Sunday I officially move out of my apartment and back into my parents house.  I am struggling with this for many reasons- it is far from my work, my school and of course, it is difficult to get used to the idea of being home again in general.  But I do feel lucky to have a roof over my head.  And the big upside is, I will get to save some serious money while looking for the perfect place for me.  This past year has been hell, living at my apartment was absolutely horrible due to my neighbor, so even if I don’t love the idea of moving home I am THRILLED to be out of that hell hole.

School: Tonight is the night- back at RU. I am really looking forward to this class (unlike my Thursday night class) because it my elective: Magazine Writing.  Basically we will be putting together portfolios throughout the semester.  My dream job would be to work (either write or edit) for a magazine and I have been wanting to freelance forever, so this is huge for me.  I really hope this is the push I need to get my work out there.  And I hope the class doesn’t disappoint.

As promised here, photos of my 500+ mile club savings jar!

The Penguin says: I’m Slow. I Know. Get Over It!  My favorite!


Amazing New Gym and The 500 Mile Club

The new L.A. Fitness by my house opened and let me just tell you, it is Ah-MAZZZZE-ing!!!!!!  I am sure as far as L.A. Fitness is concerned it is the same crap and before long there will be plenty of scantily clad girls with bad make-up and dudes roaming around looking for a girlfriend.  BUT…the point is, it is awesome!  Not only is it seven minutes from my house AND on my way to/from work but there were so many other great things!  The treadmill was seriously the best treadmill ever- besides the fact that each one has its own TV and I could watch basketball during my whole workout, it is so ridiculously state of the art.  The run was so smooth I could almost forget I was even on a treadmill (except you know, I wasn’t moving and it was inside!) and I really enjoyed it.  Plus, it tracks everything!  My longtime readers know I really detest the treadmill, but I must say, my hatred it lessened after my run today.  In addition to all that, they have much more equipment than my old gym AND it is more spread out so I don’t feel like I am sitting on someone’s lap when I am lifting.  And the last bonus is that the pool is HUGE!  Yeah, I am loving this gym!


This year I joined Robin’s 500 Mile+++ club.  The idea is to commit to  running 500 or more miles and donate extra change to a charity of one’s choice.  Check it out…she is still taking members!!

My running goal for the year is 650 miles (as you can see on my ticker countdown) and now I have even more motivation to get there!

My charity of choice is Back On My Feet.  I am already participating in their 20 in 24 relay this July and I will be raising money for them in the fall for the Philadelphia Marathon.  Robin suggested we have fun with saving and I love the idea.  Here is my savings plan:  I love the number 3; it is my favorite number and I want to incorporate into my plan.  So for every mile I bike I am going to donate 3 pennies and for every mile I run I am going to donate 3 nickels.  I will do this at the end of each week.  Now that might not seem like a lot in small portions, but small change adds up fast.  If I meet my miles for the year it will equal almost one hundred dollars and it’s almost a dollar a week just for my two spin classes!  That doesn’t include any of my other bike training or the chance I could go over my goal miles.  I am so excited for this journey!

I also took Robin’s advice and have a special jar for saving.  It was once filled to the brim with change and given to me as a gift from my parents to help me pay for my first race bike.  It has a picture of a bike on it and I have since added some other stickers.  I use it when I am saving for random race items but now it will be for this challenge.  I wanted to post a photo but I can’t find my camera charger anywhere!!!!!  As soon as I find it, and charge it, I will post a photo.