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About OneLittleTriGirl

I’m “in my thirties” as I like to say and I truly believe the best years of my life are those in my future.  I am thankful for my past but definitely not living in it!

I am a true Jersey Girl. I’m loud, I have Jersey road rage and I definitely I go “downtheshore”.  I have big opinions and an even bigger attitude. I hate to be mean but I live to be honest.  You want to know what someone thinks, ask me!   I’m quirky, silly, spunky and I do it all with amazing class and really great hair.  I work two jobs because I have to pay my mortgage, I like wine a lot and I have a desire to stamp my passport as many times as possible.

I dislike people who start clapping when they laugh, make noise while opening a bag and any food that I cannot pronounce. I hate that I have to check the second box on any given age questionnaire, it makes me feel “years old” and I believe I will always be “years young!” I think that raccoon hats were quite possibly the worst fashion idea EVER, perhaps if it hadn’t been for the “underwear as outerwear” fad.  If they are a “celebrity” and their last name is Lohan or Kardashian, I dislike them.  But even after all these years, I still love Tiffany!

I am incredibly white, mostly in the way that I dance. That however, does not stop me from making a fool of myself on the dance floor.  Lucky for you, I will also post pictures.

I used to be a part of an elite drinking team, at times, struggling to walk the line between being happy and being sober.  Then I started doing tri’s and became a runner.  The bedtimes became that of a pre-schooler but wine is still my favorite!

I probably couldn’t live without WaWa coffee, body glide and my ability to laugh at myself.

I am a swimmer first, a runner second and a biker never.  Threw in the triathlon towel last summer after deciding my hate for the bike would never change.  Given I didn’t expect finish more than A SINGLE triathlon, I am happy I was able to finish many.  I even have a few medals to prove I could sometimes be good at the triathlon stuff.

I still run.  Mostly because I like to eat but also because I like to run.  Once, I ran for a few miles on a broken foot at the end of a marathon.  That wasn’t fun at all but I still finished like a beast.  Well, an hour over than I planned, but still like a beast.  I drank a lot of margaritas to make up for that calorie loss and numb the pain.

I am not fast but I am not all that slow.  I don’t even care.  I just like to run.  So I run.


If you ever want to contact me personally, my email is MsJillianLeigh@gmail

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