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Hurricane Bill And I Are Not Friends

Yeah, Hurricane Bill is a jerk.

Today I was supposed to participate in the Wildwood Tri.  I was looking forward to this all summer- Wildwood is my home away from home and to do a tri there would have been awesome.  However, they had been saying for days that Hurricane Bill would be roughing up the ocean pretty badly and I wasn’t in the mood for a Duathlon.   I thought it over for more than a day.  Duathlon’s are races that, while I would do if I didn’t have a choice, I don’t want to do.  Finally at some point yesterday, I made the decision not to make the drive down the shore when I was fairly positive the swim would be canceled.  For me, it was a free race for having volunteered earlier in the season, so besides the experience, I didn’t lose out on anything.

While I am bummed to miss a race, especially this one, I am happy with my decision.  The storms here last night were absolutely horrific, so on top of the race being turned into a Duathlon, I would have been on very little sleep.  Storms normally don’t bother me (I don’t like them, but they don’t bother me), I typically sleep through them and I am not afraid of them, but this one was downright scary.  In fact, this was the scariest storm I remember in my lifetime.  It woke me out of a dead sleep @ 1230am and kept me up for close to an hour.  The thunder never stopped- it was one consistent super loud, rolling, cracking, booming thunder. And the lightning was even scarier.  I have two large windows in my bedroom and at one point I was a little concerned that I would be electrocuted in my own home!!! It was unbelievably intense.  If nothing else, Jersey has seen its share of rain this summer!

Up until about an hour ago, it was STILL raining and of course now that it has stopped the humidity is back to its unbearable self, so the run I planned for this morning has been postponed until tomorrow evening.  And because I didn’t run this morning, I went back to bed and watched Pay It Forward which is one of my favorite movies.  After the movie I dragged myself out of bed and got a lot of cleaning done, but I have a bunch of errands to run still and no energy to do them.  I know it is supposed to rain again this afternoon and I don’t want to get caught out in a storm.  Plus, the rain tends to do this to me; I get all lethargic and lazy and just wanna lay in my bed.

In other news, I finally bought NEW sneakers yesterday!!  I was in desperate need; I am sure I was close to or over the mileage on my current shoes and I was feeling it in my knees, calves and shins.  I went in, tried on a few but in the end I stuck with my trusty favorites- Score for a new pair of Adrenalines!

What is the sneaker you swear by or do you run in all different kinds?  I have been running in Brooks pretty much since the beginning and even though I always try other sneakers on, I somehow always end up back in the Brooks.  Silly allegiance perhaps…or maybe it is because I am just a creature of habit, but regardless, I do love my Brooks.

9 thoughts on “Hurricane Bill And I Are Not Friends

  1. I LOVE my Nike Zoom Vomeros. No matter how many different pairs I try on (and every time I go for replacements, I consult with the folks at my running store to make sure there’s nothing newer and better out there that I’m missing), these are the only ones that feel like they’re made for my feet.

  2. Good decision not to go while there was a storm.

    I love Pay it forward, I need a whole package of tissues because everytime I see it, I still have to cry.

    I’m still running on my first pair of shoes because I haven’t been running that long. Mine are Brooks too. I went to a running store and took their advice which shoe would be the best for me and they turned out to be Brooks. I think their great and I probably will buy this brand again when I need new shoes.

  3. I love Brooks. However, I wanted to try a new pair last time and picked up Mizunos. I have enjoyed running in the Mizunos but they don’t seem to last as long as Brooks. I also just got a pair of pearl izumis for free, so I’ll be trying them out.

  4. Yay for new kicks!!!! Your tootsies are going to love you now! Bummer about the Tri girl… but good call on canning it. You’ll get it next year!

  5. You were smart to miss the race due to the storms and the rip tides. I’m not surprised they canceled the swim. We went to the ocean on Saturday and coudn’t even get on the beach…because it wasn’t there! I live on Long Island. I don’t remember seeing waves like these either in a very long time.
    As for sneakers, I’m wearing Asics. I had New Balance but learned the hard way that they weren’t the right sneakers for my feet. I needed a stabilizing running shoe and the Asics Gel Kahanas I got have made all the difference in the world! Love them!!!

  6. Hi!
    A very good friend of mine (Kristen- my eightfold path) follows your blog, and mentioned it to me since I am currently in the process of training for my first triathlon. I’ve been reading your posts, congrats on all of your accomplishments!! I was wondering if I could pick your brain a little, since I have a few questions/concerns about my first tri which is in a little over 4 weeks. I was actually going to register for the one in Wildwood, but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to do my first one in the ocean. Good thing I changed my mind, since the swim was canceled anyway! I ended up reagistering for the Belly of the Beast in Lebanon, NJ, which takes place in a lake.
    Anyway, I was wondering what you would suggest to wear for the swim portion? Originally I was just going to go with my swim suit, and then throw on padded biker shorts for the bike and run. After doing some research, I am now thinking of renting a wetsuit. Not so much for the warmth, but more for the buoyancy. What would you recommend?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to following your blog! You are definitely an inspiration!


  7. I think that if you aren’t a strong swimmer, the westsuit will at least make you feel better. I don’t wear one for Sprint distance races but would for a longer distance because they DO make you faster. For me, in a sprint, dealing with it isn’t worth the saved time- it can be a pain to get off!

    If you are a strong swimmer, and the race is a sprint, I would go no wetsuit.

    I wear a bathing suit with shorts over it or my team’s tri suit which is like a bathing suit.

    Hope this helps.

    Feel free to email me Jillyfly81 AT comcast dot net

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