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Props Wednesday- Meet Rebekah

Meet Rebekah!!  For the love of blogging, I hope I spelled your name right!

Rebekah has done distances from 5k to marathon and of course she kicks butt!

What makes Rebekah’s blog, Fair Weather Runner, one of my favorites is that she keeps me laughing.  And she does a “Best Part of My Day” post that I just love for its positivity.  They are simple things like running in the snow, taking a vacation or having a good run.  If things are crappy or she is having  a bad time, she doesn’t hide it…but it is not her primary focus either.  Her focus is on being herself and it shows in every post.  Rebekah is funny, positive and not afraid to poke fun at herself.

Oh, and Rebekah is a philanthropist- earlier this summer she started Shoes4Africa…which transpired into Shoes4theWorld.  She collected shoes all throughout the summer to send around the world to those who could use them.  If you are interested in donating email her for sure.  The more shoes the better!!!

Rebekah was recently sidelined from running recently due to foot problems.  She is on crutches and out for Chicago, but instead of pouting (ok, maybe a little [warranted] pouting) she is still going and she is volunteering.  So if you are doing Chicago look out for her at the mile 16.5 aid station.  And keep your fingers crossed that she can pull a speedy recovery (and a double finger cross that it isn’t a stress fracture!) and can still run in her upcoming half-marathon at the end of November.

Look readers, show Rebekah some love.  She is a runner and she is on crutches.  She is doing a lot of good for the world and deserves the good karma of strong feet and legs.  So go visit her blog, send her some love and if you have them sitting around send her some shoes too!

4 thoughts on “Props Wednesday- Meet Rebekah

  1. You SOOO spelled my name right, i love you even more for that!! 😉 you are so sweet, thanks so much. i have liked your other posts highlighting other running bloggers, such a great idea. well thanks again, you made my gimpy day 🙂 no literally, you did. and bad news, it is a stress fracture. boo. but well on it’s road to recovery!! thanks again chica!!

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