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Monday Brain Exchange Week 4- All About Boston!

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange:  Kittzy, Darlene, Andrea, Kandi, Suzy, Jill, Whitney, Kera and Kim (If I missed you, let me know- sometimes links are funny and don’t work and I don’t want to leave anyone out!)

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Monday, I will post a question.  The questions will be set up to post for @ 6am E.S.T. to give everyone ample amount of time to post their own answers throughout the day.
  • Questions will range all over the board as far as topics are concerned; from the sports themselves to nutrition to blogging and so on.  (If you have any topics/questions you think would be good, please feel free to email me!) 
  • If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  You can play along any day of the week that works best for you.
  • Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.

    Topic:  BOSTON!

    Question:  Do you get excited about the Boston Marathon?  Have you ever ran or do you hope to one day run in the race?  Will you watch today and if so will it be watching in person, on TV, on the computer?  Do you have anyone special running this year?  Any great Boston stories to tell?


    Let’s this out of the way right now:  I will never run the Boston Marathon!  And I am okay with that.

    However, my plans are to go next year to spectate and run the 5k that takes place over the weekend!  I really wish I was there this year but I am already getting excited about next year.  Even before I was a runner or cared about running, I loved watching running events.  But since having gotten into it myself, I get even more excited!  The past two years I have watched on my computer at work and that is my plan for this year as well. 

    A few of my teammates are running as well as some runners I know from being a part of the community, so I am looking forward to tracking them.  I am also looking forward to tracking you guys, my bloggies!  Here’s who I will be watching: Joe #7929, Jill #18646, Meghan #11318, Carolyn #16811, Emily #15694, Emily #15523   I would have loved to follow you all (cough Katie, Jenn and Lindsay cough) but I didn’t know your #’s! 

    Can’t wait to read all the race reports!!!

    16 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 4- All About Boston!

    1. I’m honestly getting a bit retarded right now waiting for those race reports!!! CAN’T WAIT!

      And I’m going to the blogs you linked to! THANKS!

    2. I used to live in Hopkinton where the marathon starts from. At that time I never thought I would be a runner.
      I think I would like to run Boston if for sentimental reasons only.

    3. Yes, I get excited for Boston!! I can’t wait to see how everyone does and hear about their own unique personal experiences:) Waiting for all of the blog posts and results to come out!

    4. Question: Do you get excited about the Boston Marathon? Yes, I do! So excited that I drove for 2 hours with my wife to Boston, and spent 30 minutes of quality time with Meg and Jill. I met Lindsay before last year’s NY City Marathon, and unfortunately didn’t have enough time to track her down in Boston.
      Have you ever ran or do you hope to one day run in the race? Nope, I’m too slow, and am DONE running marathons. Running four marathons from ages 50-53 is enough for me!
      Will you watch today and if so will it be watching in person, on TV, on the computer? Ummm, I Tivo’d it-does that count?!
      Do you have anyone special running this year? My blogging buddies: Meg, Jill, Lyndsay, Ginny, Katie…hopefully I didn’t forget anyone.
      Any great Boston stories to tell? Nope, BUT I’m definitely registering for the 5K race the day before the Boston Marathon next year…and reserving a hotel room asap for next year. I WILL be there next year: 4/18/2011. Hey, maybe we can meet?!

    5. Growing up in Boston, of course I love the Boston marathon. It’s a lot of fun to watch and the runners are always very inspirational. I don’t think I will ever run Boston, but if I was going to do a marathon, I’d want Boston to be it (I’d never qualify, I’d have to run for charity)

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    7. sorry… as you can see i am like a week behind on my google reader 😉 do you still want my bib number? haha.

      you should def go next year! the 5k was fun to spectate and i am sure LOADS better to run than the full marathon lol. at least you will still be able to walk afterwards 🙂

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