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So about yoga…

I fell asleep in the child pose. I am not kidding. 

No TiaRT again because it’s all about technology and I am always about 5 years behind when it comes to being up to date on technology.  I don’t even own a garmin (gasp!).  I simply use a regular pace watch with a heart monitor. Booorinnng.

Anyway, back to Yoga.  I was really looking forward to class; after a full days work and a game (we won!) in the cold, I was even more in need to relax and stretch out.  The thing is, class isnt until 8pm which makes for an even longer day and later night and I knew if I didn’t go right to the gym from my game, I wouldn’t go.  I had a few errands I could have ran but instead I went early and did about 40 mins on the stationary bike. 

Finally, it was 8pm and class started.  I have never had this instructor before and honestly, I didn’t like her method.  Yoga is slow paced on its own but this girl had us moving at the pace of the slowski turtles- it was torture.  It was unchallenging and boring.  About halfway through I thought about leaving, but I think thats rude so I decided to stick it out- but then during the three-thousandth child pose (no joke…child pose like every 10 seconds) I fell asleep. You know…not in REM or anything but for enough time that when I realized I had been sleeping, they were in a new pose.  Yeah…forget sticking it out…I was out of there!  Ended up leaving about 10 minutes early.  Got home, got things ready for today and then enjoyed @7  hours of sleep. 🙂


Spring Break starts in 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just a little excited!

6 thoughts on “So about yoga…

  1. LOL…that’s awesome. I came close a few times during the yoga class I used to take, but never quite got there.

  2. haha that is hilarious 🙂 yoga makes me want to sleep too, which is why i always quit my dvds 10 minutes in :-/ i wish i could stick through it.

  3. This is hilarious!

    I usually have a big problem with the downward dog pose. No, I don’t have a problem with it, I just hate it. HAHA! But half way through the practice, it usually clicks, and I relax.

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