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Living Happy

The following is a list of things that a friend of mine, CGI race director Michele, placed in her recent newsletter.  These are her tips for living happy and I must say, I agree.  I added my own thoughts after each one.

1. Forget about the material things – I take pride in the fact that I do not care about brand names or material items.  My TV is from 1995, my phone is from 2007 and I do much of my shopping at Target and Kohls.  I drive a nice car, I dress well and I live happy.  I have never much cared about the latest and greatest items and I don’t believe in having more than I need.  Plus, I would prefer to spend my money on making memories (trips, nights out with friends…etc) and not expensive material items.

2. Eat less and exercise more – This is the answer.  So often people are looking for some magic trick, some easy way to get fit and be healthy.  Well, here it is.  I am living proof.

3. Want love…then be lovable – I have my faults like everyone else but I believe I am a genuinely good person.  There is little I wouldn’t do for someone and I give more than I take.  I try to surround myself with people who are lovable as well 🙂

4. Do something FUN each day – I try to live a fun, adventurous and exiting life but I often forget about fun in the every day as it gets lost among my stresses.  I need to pay more attention to the FUN and less attention to the not fun!

5. Be grateful –I have this one nailed.  Of course there are things I want for but I know that in the big picture I am so very lucky for what I have in my life.  I have amazing parents, a great extended family, friends who love me for me, a secure job, an education, my health and my freedom.  It is not always a great life, but it is a good life!

6. Learn something new each day – I think this happens to each of us every day whether we realize it or not.  The trick is, to be more aware.  I love to learn and I know I constantly am learning but I need to broaden my awareness when it comes to all the new things I experience each day.

7. Try something new- This is something I am getting better at as I get older.  I used to be very predictable and afraid of any change, but I have really opened my eyes to new ideas and experiences.  I really credit being on my own for much of this, but also my love of triathlon and running.  It has brought so much to my life that I would have missed out on if I had been to afraid to try.

8. Talk less, listen more- I will admit fully that I struggle with this daily.  I need to work on listening more.  And it’s more than that really…I need to work on slowing down.  I tend to be moving so fast that I don’t always fully focus on what someone is saying.  Multi-tasking is a wonderful thing but when someone is talking it is important to listen fully.  Never know what you might miss if you aren’t 100% listening!

9. Live with the glass half full- I used to be a very negative person, always looking at the glass half empty.  I still struggle with always seeing it as full, but I have gotten much better at looking at the bright side.  Hell, most of the time I am happy to have a cup that isn’t smashed all over the floor!

10. NEVER give up on your dreams- I truly believe in the beauty of my dreams and know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind too.  Cliche or not, I know that I have as much chance as anyone to make a difference in the world and I fully intend to do so one day!

What are some of your tips for living happy?

16 thoughts on “Living Happy

  1. Great list! Yep – I live in southern NJ, actually not too far from where the Tuckahoe Tri is held (that was my return to tri’s last year). Looks like we keep pretty similar paces too!

  2. Great thoughts to live life by!
    I see by your mile rope chart you’ve already run a marathon, lol…keep climbing(running)!

  3. This is a great list and some of them I use in my own life. I always try to live each day as if it’s my last. Life can be over in a minute so better enjoy it than feeling sorry for yourself or being negative.

  4. What a great list! I can totally relate to #1. I have a crappy old phone and don’t care! And I have never heard #3 before, but it is so true.

    Ah yes, talk less, listen more. I need to work on this as well. There is a guy at work who goes on and on about nonsense to me, and I have actually caught myself saying “blah blah blah” in my head when he is talking to me lately!

    I don’t know if I can add anything to that great list! Maybe to give compliments – that always makes me feel happy.

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